Brands I recommend #2

I love trying new brands and I especially love recommending them to you guys! Not only do I love finding new concepts but with a new brands comes new brand values, new concepts and new ideas that we can all jump upon. The brands I have today are a good mix, some you may now but I feel are vastly underrated, some are foreign and some are indie brands. Either way, I hope you find a new brand to love!
1) Athena’s Treasures (The Olive Tree)
Athena’s Treasures is a Greek brand, now they do have their own website but it is all Greek however, The Olive Tree stocks plenty of products for you to try. Offering hair masks, body products there’s a wide selection to choose from. I have tried the Silk and Honey Hair Mask and it was absolutely incredible.

2) Billion Dollar Brows (Feel Unique)
Often overshadowed by brands such as Anastasia Beverly Hills, Billion Dollar Brows offers some fantastic brow products at mid-range prices. I’ve tried the brow powder in Taupe which I absolutely adored. Not too warm or cool toned, this shade was a great every day shade and the formula was very long-wearing.

3) Essence Cosmetics (Wilko)
Essence is a brand that took the UK by storm when it first came out but I don’t see so many people talk about it now which is a real shame as they have some real gems. For me, I love their blushers and nail polishes and their Long Lasting Lipstick in Natural Beauty is my holy grail everyday lipstick.

4) Etude House (Yes Style)
I’ve not tried tons of K Beauty but what I have tried I was really impressed with. I really like the Lovely Cookie Blushers and My Wish Cheek Highlighter by Etude House but there’s so many products that I still want to try. Etude House is a great start to K Beauty.

6) Gabrini Cosmetics (Official US Site)
Another Greek brand that really impressed me was Gabrini Cosmetics simply because their 3d polish is fantastic. Now Gabrini are stocked in the USA and their polishes are only $1.99 for longwearing, beautiful glossy polish then I highly recommend this brand, I personally would like to try their makeup next.

6) GOSH Cosmetics (Superdrug)
GOSH isn’t a rare, indie brand by any means but again I don’t hear many people talking about it compared to to her high street and drugstore brands such as Maybelline and Rimmel London. The eyeshadows are not great but the lipsticks, eyeliners and nail polishes are lovely.

7) Merumaya (John Lewis)
The people who have tried Merumaya skincare really do love it and the products I have tried are lovely. I particularly enjoy the Melting Cleanser. Merumaya are high end and as a result I think a lot of people are put off of the price point but I’d highly recommend them.

8) Studio London (Superdrug)
This brand tends to be available exclusively at Christmas at Superdrug. I’ve not tried the makeup so I can’t comment on that but the brushes are surprisingly nice. I received these as a gift and the eyeshadow and face brushes were really nice and they’re budget friendly too.

9) Tropic Skincare (Tropic Skincare)
I’m yet to try the actual skincare products however, I have tried their cruelty free vegan lipsticks and they are very nice. The lipstick I have tried is the Colour Click Lipstick in Dragonfruit and it really surprised me with how nice it is. A little fun fact is that the creator of the brand was also on The Apprentice!

10) Vichy (Boots)
Again, Vichy isn’t a brand that is completely unknown but considering how fantastic their products are I’m surprised that every blogger isn’t raving about them. I’ve tried the Idealia serums which are fantastic for radiance, I’m also currently using the Aqualia Thermale Serum which is incredible for dry skin. Basically, if you need a fantastic serum then Vichy should be your first top.

So there have it, ten brands I recommend to you guys all tried and tested by myself. If you enjoyed this post hit the like button and follow my blog. Also, let me know in the comments which of these brands you’ve tried and what you’ll be trying next I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading.


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5 Responses to Brands I recommend #2

  1. stashy says:

    Vichy is one of those brands that doesn’t get enough love. I used to use their foundation too and it was really lovely.
    I’ve only dabbled into Etude House but I want to try more! They make my favourite mascara base and it’s so inexpensive.

  2. Essence is one of my favorite brands! xx

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