Body Shop Frosted Cranberry Bath Cubes Review

In truth it’s only the last year or so that I’ve actually started to enjoy baths. As someone easily bored and often impatient I always preferred showers, however, Lush really did convert me to the joys of a relaxing bubble bath and ever since I’ve been hooked. The Frosted Cranberry range was one that I really enjoyed when it was released and so when I realised that they had bath cubes I got pretty excited.
The Body Shop Bath Cubes cam in a large plastic tub however, it was a friend who actually had these so I was given a few to try. The cube itself is exactly as the name would suggest, a cube shaped bath fizzer with the Frosted Cranberry scent. Unfortunately these weren’t re-released this year so I can’t actually tell you how much they cost however, there are other products in the range that are still available (for now).

In terms of the scent I do think that less is more with Frosted Cranberry, it does have a fruity scent but then there’s a powdery floral undertone. It’s quite difficult to describe but it doesn’t have the tartness of normal cranberries this is more subdued.

In terms of the fizzer I was disappointed, these do fizz and turn the bathwater slightly milky but in terms of the formula they’re quite drying on the skin and of course we don’t have any colour. For me, bath bombs have a come a long way from the dry fizzers that they used to be and considering that Body Shop is definitely mid-range I would have expected these to be a little more moisturising then they actually were.

Overall, these were okay but nothing to shout about and I wouldn’t repurchase or recommend, I think that if you do want to try the Frosted Cranberry range go for a body butter or scent as these are a little meh and are probably one of my least favourite products in the range.

These do seem to have discontinued so I can’t share a direct link but if you want to try them I’d suggest hitting up Ebay and Amazon.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, also if you’re not already following my blog feel free to do so, let me know in the comments which Body Shop ranges you loved, I like the Raspberry, Glazed Apple, Almond and Frosted Cranberry scents.

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