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I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I feel like I get into a rut especially with my hair, so I’ve been doing some nosying (and plenty of pinning) on Pinterest to try and inspire myself to try something new. Whilst I’m not planning on dyeing my hair any wacky colours, I am considering a new do so here’s some inspiration for you all.
Disclaimer – I don’t own these photos they are all on my Pinterest board here pinned from their relevant owners.

1) Texture to die for
A lot of people may be drawn to the stunning black and grey combination which I will admit I love but what really inspired me about this look is the messy texture that she has going on. I’ve been straightening my hair a lot recently and whilst my hair is a little longer I have plenty of texturising products and no excuse not to have hair like this.

2) Long bob
This is how I’m thinking of having my haircut. Having it long can be difficult to manage as it’s naturally wavy but I love the look and simplicity of a long bob. My face is oval so I can’t carry off a standard bob but I love how this looks so elegant, plus it should be easy to do with my thin, fine hair.

3) The perfect braid
Whilst I can do dutch braids I need to get my game on and practice, practice, practice until my braids look as neat as this. This braid has that perfect girl next door look (only emphasised by the dungarees) and I think this will be a winner in spring and summer.

4) Long curls and ombre
Another ombre the combination of black and blue is stunning but what also draws my eyes is how the hair is straight up until the bottom where we have the most beautiful curls. I definitely don’t have the patience for this look but I can admire it’s beauty.

5) Mermaid hair
I’m done with dyeing my hair it got super damaged but can we all just appreciate how fluffy and pastel this hair is it reminds me of mermaids and unicorns and I just love it. I definitely don’t think I’ll be pulling it off any time soon though!

6) Undone ponytail
I wear my hair in a high ponytail a lot and this textured mane is just goals. I think I’d have a lot more frizz but with the right products I think I could recreate this look and I love the edginess to it.

7) Beautiful updo
This is definitely a bridal do but what I wouldn’t give to be able to create the most beautiful wavy updos! My hair is quite floppy so it falls out of styles easily but I just love how perfect this is.

8) Textured collarbone waves
I’ve mentioned that my hair is wavy naturally and I just adore the simplicity and elegance of these textured waves. I feel that there’s a bit of a theme going on here but we always want what we can’t have. I’ll be spraying the sprays, and ruffling away to try and get my hair like this.

That concludes this post if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and let me know in the comments which of these styles is your favourite! Also please follow my blog if you’d like more posts like this I’m on WordPress and Bloglovin.

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