Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Dome in 02 Blush Review

I have to be honest when the Body Shop first launched their Honey Bronze range I instantly thought “This is not for me” the reason is simply due to my skintone. I’m very pale with neutral undertones, so although I can pull off warmer shades  have to be careful. The word bronze is something that honestly scares me, I’m very selective with my bronzers and I don’t use fake tan so I will admit that this product definitely made me nervous…
The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes come in three shades 01 (highlight) 02 (blush) and 03 (bronze), the shade that I have here is 02 (blush). The packaging is rather unusual, the lid unscrews and you have a wider base to hold onto and then a dome of product. For blusher this would work quite well but I think I’d struggle to highlight and bronze with this as the shape of the product means that you can’t be as precise. These retail for £8.00 which I’d say is a comfortable high street price.
The colour of this product reminds me of Sleek’s Rose Gold and Nars Orgasm but a little darker. It’s a pinky coral with golden shimmer in it. Unfortunately this product does contain glitter which is something that I tend to avoid for the face. Although I do love me some glitter on my nails occasionally, at twenty two I think I’d struggle to walk out with a glittery face without looking a bit daft, but that is just my own preferences.
The texture of this surprised me, I expected it to be quite creamy and although it is a cream based product it’s actually on the drier side. Swiping this across my face allowed it to drag a little bit and the product wasn’t super soft in texture. It’s not the driest product I’ve ever tried but it’s harder and slightly waxier than I expected. I’ve swatched this above and as you can see it’s clung to what small amount of arm hair I actually have. Looking at my own arm there’s no noticeable hair and definitely not even enough to shave yet in this photo it really shows up the texture of my skin which isn’t great for drier skin types like me.

Although this is moderately pigmented, you aren’t going to leave a stripe on your face but when you blend it the colour quickly fades leaving behind small particles of glitter. This really disappointed me as the colour wasn’t there but the shimmer was. If I had used this as a highlight the shade would be too dark for my skintone so my main option was as a blush but even that didn’t really work.
(Blended out)
Overall, I’m just not keen on this, the formula isn’t great, the colour is too dark for me as a highlighter, too pink to be a bronzer and too glittery as a blusher so it’s not very versatile. I think that concept sounds nice with the dome shape but to me this is more gimmicky and not something that I feel that I need. I’ll be passing this onto someone who I think can get more use out of it and personally I don’t think that these are anything to shout about, I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase.

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes are available here for £8.00.

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  1. It looks like cute packaging. Love the colour 😍😘

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