Hair brands I want to try

I have to be honest sometimes I really do fall into a rut with haircare, I’m reluctant to try higher end brands because I know that I’ll most likely use up the products quickly and haircare doesn’t excite me as much as makeup. Having said this, I’m keen to try new brands so I thought I’d share with you ten brands that I’d like to try.
1) Bumble and Bumble
I can’t believe that I’ve never tried any Bumble and Bumble products but I just haven’t! There’s so many products that I want to try but their texturising spray, surf spray and finishing sprays are all up there for me.

2) Colab
As someone who gets through several cans of Batiste I seriously need to get out there and try some new dry shampoos, and Ruth Crilly’s Colab range has gained serious hype. Worth a try? I think so.

3) Fudge
I have tried the sister brand Urban Fudge and from what I have tried I have liked, but I’m yet to try the more grown up (and pricier) Fudge brand. Again it’ll most likely be styling products that I’d try.

4) Kerastase
The high price point of Kerastase products has always put me off however, they do some amazing hair masks and treatments if reviews are to be believed. I am in need of some newer hair care products so I may have to bite the bullet.

5) Ojon
When I think of Ojon I think of Lily Pebbles and hair oils. Ojon isn’t a brand that seems to be raved about but I also think that from what I’ve seen they are underrated. I’d love to try some of the oils to see if they really do work.

6) Oribe
I think it’s pretty obvious as to why I haven’t tried Oribe, their stuff is hella expensive, however, I do love my Charles Worthington Texturising Spray and that is supposed to eb a dupe of the Oribe…maybe it’s worth a comparison.

7) Ouai
Ouai feels like the new kid on the block, everyone suddenly seems to be talking about the brand and again it’s one that I’m yet to try. Ouai does have a hair wave spray that intrigues me, and if it gives me celebrity-esque locks then it’s worth a try.

8) Redken
The Redken Pillow Proof Primer has to be one of the most talked about hair products or at least it feels that way. Redken have had a cult following for a while now, and in most cases there’s no smoke without fire so I think that they’re well worth a nosy into.

9) Tangle Teezer
I still haven’t tried a Tangle Teezer and I really don’t have an excuse as to why. My current hairbrushes are well and truly knackered and my hair tangles so much that I really do think that I need to give this a try.

10) Sexy Hair
An american brand, Sexy Hair has intrigued me for a while and now it’s available on Beauty Bay! There’s a lot of products but I’m interested in the styling products and the masks and oils. Basically I want to try everything.

That concludes this post, if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these brands and what your thoughts were. Which products do I need to try?

Thanks for reading!


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4 Responses to Hair brands I want to try

  1. stashy says:

    Colab is my favourite dry shampoo! The Rio scent is soooo good. Check Winners / Marshalls, they often have the travel sized cans in the various scents. I prefer the Extreme Volume over the Sheer Invisible one.
    I want to try Oribe too… I sprayed it at the store and it smells divine… so expensive though!
    The Tangle Teezer is just ok – I find the teeth tends to bend / break.

  2. One of my favorite Redken products is the antisnap leave in. I need to buy it again. x

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