Soap and Glory Thick and Fast HD Collagen Mascara Review

The original Soap and Glory Thick and Fast Mascara is one of my all-time favourites and probably is the best mascara that I have used that has a fiber brush. Last year I received a Soap and Glory eye gift set and I was pleased to see the Thick and Fast HD Collagen Mascara inside, a formulation that I haven’t tried before. I’ve been trialing this over the past week and I have to say the results are surprising, here’s my thoughts.
The packaging of this mascara consists of a metal (I think) gold tube with the same black writing as the original. RRP this is £10.50 so 50p more than the original Thick and Fast Mascara. This is available from high street namely Boots. I don’t mind the packaging on this although the reflective packaging does attract fingerprints, personally though I prefer the packaging of the original Thick and Fast mascara,

The product description is as follows:
The BRUSH is the stuff – Soap & Glory’s 7-SIDED FAN FLARE-180™ brush with a V-groove to lay down volume & intensity, and a network of combing & curling surfaces to give length, definition and DRAMA. Featuring strength-building COLLAGEN. PRE-PEPTIDES, LONG-STRETCH POLYMERS that wrap lashes in a flexible, lengthening film and NO FLAKE 24 all-day wear technology, prepare yourself for TOTAL LASH LIFT-OFF! *Collagen Coat™ Formula contains Collagen Tripeptide-29.”
Starting with the brush and I thought that the brushes were the same with a slightly different mascara formulation. In truth the brush of this is different to the original Thick and Fast (read that review here) whereas the original had a fat conical shaped brush this one has V shaped grooves in it designed to create volume. If I’m honest I preferred the original brush that layered on the mascara evenly, I found this one a little trickier to work with.

The formula is still very black however, I felt that this mascara felt drier in formula compared to the original. Whereas a drier formula may sound more appealing I actually found that this didn’t offer seperation and length, it did offer curl (which I don’t really need) and volume but it clumped my lashes a lot, the original did a much better job.
Overall, this isn’t terrible but I do find it trickier to work with than the original Thick and Fast I was also a little disappointed with the results, considering the hype behind this mascara and my experiences with the original I thought that this would be much better than it was, in reality it did clump and didn’t do much for my lashes. Personally I wouldn’t recommend this unless you like spidery lashes and I wouldn’t repurchase, instead I’ll stick with the original which is far better in my opinion.

The Soap and Glory Thick and Fast HD Collagen Mascara is available here for £10.50.

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