Benefit Benebalm Review

When I think of Benefit I have to say I think about their cheek products rather than their lip products, but since I received the Benebalm as a gift from a friend I have to admit that I may have overlooked their lip balms. Here’s my thoughts on the Benebalm.

Benebalm is the like the little sister of the infamous Benetint. Priced at £14.50 this lip balm aims to hydrate the lips whilst adding a rosy hint of colour to them. The packaging feels quite luxurious as it’s quite weighty and the red reflects the colour of the lip balm.

This doesn’t really have a scent which is fine by me however, I will admit that I love a product that smells nice so I think that it would be nice if this smelled like strawberry, that’s not a major issue for me but something that I think would be quite a nice addition.
The formula is quite smooth and it feels almost as if it’s oil based so it glides onto the lips without dragging or feeling greasy which I like. Some people argue that this doesn’t really hydrate their lips but to me this does feel hydrating, I do think it’s down to personal preference but I quite like this.

I also love the tint it gives, it’s nothing too out there and it is very sheer but it offers this healthy rosiness to the lips which I think is nice, especially if you’re not wearing any lip colour but only a balm, this adds a little something.

Would I repurchase? Possibly as I do like the product but I do also feel that this isn’t something that is an essential in my routine, I like a lot of lip balms that are much cheaper than this so I do think that it’s a bit pricey for what it is (often the case with Benefit I’ve found). Having said that if I really wanted to treat myself then I would consider it and if you are a huge fan of Benefit and love lip balms then I’d recommend that you give this a go as it is quite nice. My only bug bear is that it is a little pricey and you don’t get a ton of product for your money.

The Benefit Benebalm is available here for £14.50.

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