Wilko Red Berries Scented Tealights Review

I love scented candles and I also love candles that are budget friendly yet still manage to impress me, so it’s no surprise that when I tried the Wilko Red Berries Scented Tealights I managed to work my way through a full pack. These are seriously lovely, here’s why.
(I did not take this photo copyright and credit goes to those at Wilko.com)

The Red Berries tealights give off a rich fruity scent that is comprised of strawberries and red fruits. As someone who loves fruity scents I knew that I’d get on with these quite well and I definitely wasn’t disappointed, these are extremely budget friendly at only £1.50 for a pack of 30.

The product description is quite vague about the origin of these but describes these tealights as the following:
Never be without an instant means of creating a rich, magical atmosphere with this set of 30 sweet strawberry and red fruits scented pod tea lights, created by one of Europe’s leading candle makers. These practical little red candles burn steadily for 3.5 hours, constantly lighting and perfuming the air, wherever you place them.

I’m not sure who the leading candle maker is so I can’t verify if this product claim is true or not but these do smell delicious. They also have a decent throw, if I put one or two in my kitchen then the scent does fill up the room without being overpowering.

For the burn time I’d say that this is quite apt, around three hours and these candles will have burned down but this is still fine for me who will light them hoping for a few hours worth of scent anyway.

Overall, these are lovely, they’re budget friendly, have a great scent and a decent throw and burning time, I’m not sure there’s much else I could ask for except that it would be great if these were available in votive form. I would recommend and repurchase these.

The Wilko Red Berries Scented Tealights are available here for £1.50.

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