Winter Snowflake Gradient Nail Art

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! I hope that you’re all excited and have an amazing Christmas! I’m at home now so chances are I’ll be a little quiet on social media but my plans for tonight include sitting with my family, watching both The Grinch AND The Nightmare Before Christmas and stuffing my face with Quality Street. Today I thought it would be fun to share with you aother nail art tutorial, I definitely need to get better but I’ve been enjoying doing these and I hope that you like this one!

You Will Need:
One pale blue nail polish (I used Maybelline Uptown Blue0
One deep blue nail polish (I used Kiko Ultimarine)
One silver glitter (I used Technic Stardust)
Black and white nail art pens/thin tipped polishes (I used nail art pens by Seventeen)
A clean sponge.
A toothpick/something to stir polish with
A plastic wallet

Step One:
The first thing that we’re going to do is to create the gradient, this photo was taken once the polish was dry but you’ll be able to see what I did. Take your plastic sheet and then blob onto it a generous amount of each blue polish. Keep them near to each other and then started to mix them in the middle with your toothpick. If you get stuck I have a full tutorial here.

Step Two:
Before the polish has chance to dry on the plastic cut off a section of sponge, dip the sponge in the polish and apply it to your nail. Try to focus it so you have a clear gradient from light to dark, add any additional polish to the sponge as needed.

Step Three:
add glitter.jpg
Once the gradient on the nail has dried go over the entire nail with the silver glitter. I tried doing the snowflakes first initially but they were hard to see so I find that this works better. You want a thin later, don’t overdo it.

Step Four:
Take the white nail art pen/thin tipped polish and carefully draw snowflakes on the nail. It doesn’t have to be perfect but try to take your time, I ended up using too much nail polish so mine looked chunkier so take it slow!

Step Five:
Add any extra details using the black nail art pen and don’t forget to seal with a top coat if you end up wearing this on your own nails!

That concludes this nail art tutorial, I definitely need to learn to be more precise but I’m getting there and I love this design, let me know if you will be giving this a go and if there’s any particular nail art that you’d like me to create!

Thanks for reading.

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