Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Unperfumed Hairspray Review

I’m still on a quest to find the perfect hairspray and I decided to strip it back to basics and try a budget offering. Sali Hughes recommended the hair mousse from this range so I wanted to give the hairspray a go and see if it was any good. I have to say this has surprised me and definitely has changed my opinion on budget hairsprays, here’s why.
The Boots Extra Firm Hold Hairspray comes in a rather large but relatively simple looking can, but don’t let that put you off because this is very very good. As you can see we get quite a large fat can of the product (it says 75ml on the website but I believe that this is actually larger) for under £2.00 which is definitely a bargain.

The product description is as follows:
Boots Essential hairspray extra firm hold unperfumed creates long lasting hold with this extra firm hold hairspray. Its fast drying formula will instantly secure your style. This fragrance free hairspray will leave your hair shiny and manageable, whilst brushing out easily without flakiness.”

Starting with the scent and this is unperfumed which I love! I’ve never tried an unperfumed hairspray before but it’s a welcome change from the usual chemical cloud that engulfs my hair as I spray it.

In terms of the hold this is quite good, it’s not the strongest hold I’ve found however, it’s pretty close. What separates this from something with a little extra hold is the fact that this does not turn the hair crispy or sticky. That’s a claim that I’ve heard a lot of brands promise but I’ve never seen delivered up until now. It also brushes out quite easily and it doesn’t leave my hair feeling dry of damaged, incredible!

I’m not sure about it adding shine, but it certainly doesn’t dull the hair easily, a quick look through the reviews on the Boots website shows that other people seem to agree, it does make me wonder why this hasn’t been raved about before though, are people ignoring a potentially great product to favour larger brands?

Overall, I’m so impressed and that’s high praise from someone who struggles to find a hairspray that actually works, I think that in terms of my hairspray quest, I may have just found the one, and who would have thought that it was right under my nose all along? I’d highly recommend that you give it a go and I will definitely be repurchasing.

The Boots Essentials Extra Firm Hold Unperfumed Hairspray is available here for 99p.

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