Beauty Myths Debunked

The internet is a beautiful thing except for when it confuses the crap out of you because eight websites all give different answers to your questions. With beauty, it’s fair to say that there’s a lot of myths flying around that can often be confused with hard facts, so I thought it would be fun to pull out ten facts and myths and share the truth on them.
Disclaimer: Please not I’m not an expert, my answers are based on my own research!
Oily girls should skip moisturiser | MYTH
If you suffer from oily skin then skipping moisturiser will only make it worse. Oily skin is caused by an excess of a natural oil known as sebum, if you choose to dehydrate your skin then your skin will produce more sebum. If you are oily, a light moisturiser may actually benefit your skin rather than harm it.

All cosmetics must be FDA approved | MYTH
Scarily this is actually a myth. Although cosmetics companies are advised to undergo FDA testing this isn’t mandatory for a product to hit the shelves. Cosmetics companies will often test their products anyway but not necessarily by the FDA.

Your skin squeaks when its clean | MYTH
You don not have to make your skin squeak for it to be clean. Often if your skin is squeaking this can be because it is tight or stripped of natural oils, if my skin is tight I’ll usually go in with a cooling moisturiser to rehydrate.

Cucumbers can treat under-eye puffiness | FACT
Apparently cucumbers can actually treat under-eye puffiness. According to Dermatologist Dr Krant, “Anything cool or cold laid on the eyelids will shrink the blood vessels beneath the skin and reduce the amount of fluid there. Whether it’s enough of a change to really be visible to someone else is questionable.”

5) You can shrink your pores | MYTH
Pores are genetic so you can’t actually shrink them no matter what your products say! What some products can do is minimise the appearance of pores, note the difference. Apparently, further research reveals that pores cannot be opened or closed instead they are stretched.

6) It doesn’t matter if you sleep in your makeup | MYTH
Whilst it won’t cause anything serious, sleeping in the makeup can lead to a build up of oil and dirt and can block the pores leading to spots and breakouts. Whether this matters or not is your decision but for me personally, I’ll continue to cleanse before bed.

7) You should cut your cuticles for healthy nails | MYTH
DO NOT CUT YOUR CUTICLES I REPEAT DO NOT CUT YOUR CUTICLES. The cuticles are a barrier beneath the underside of a nail and the world, cutting cuticles away can lead to nail infections plus they can grow back raggedy. As someone who has never had a nail infection, I simply use oil on my cuticles if they’re looking raggedy and I also push them back gently.

8) All your skincare needs to be from the same range | MYTH
Brands and salespeople may tell you so but this isn’t true, products should work individually and let’s face it what you want for your eyes you may not want for the rest of the skin. I use a combination of products all tailored to a specific purpose. Whereas I want my under eyes to be brightened I want my face to be hydrated.

9) Only use hypoallergenic products for sensitive skin | MYTH
Hypo just means less than and each brand will consider hypoallergenic to mean different things. Case in point Simple claims to be for sensitive skin but I’m horribly allergic! If you are concerned about sensitive skin look for products that are fragrance free rather than hypoallergenic.

10) Shaving makes your hair grow back thicker | MYTH
Using a razor trims the hair straight across which means that the prickling sensation can simply be you feeling the blunt hair, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the hair is growing back thicker, just that you may think it is.

So there we have it, beauty myths debunked, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments which of these surprised you, I didn’t know about the pores or the FDA testing!

Thanks for reading.

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