Umberto Giannini Nail Polish in Hot Pink Review

You may know Umberto Giannini is a high street hair brand but in their Christmas sets they also usually throw in a nail polish or two as well. Annoyingly, the nail polishes aren’t available to purchase separately but I was given the nail polish in Hot Pink from a friend and being the blog fiend that I am I decided to review it anyway…
The shade Hot Pink is exactly that, a bright pink with red undertones that is universally flattering. The packaging is quite simple, a glass bottle with a black lid and the brand stamped on the front, nothing particularly special there. Unfortunately I can’t give an RRP for this as it comes in certain sets, so if you do have you heart set on this shade you would need to buy it within a hair set.

The colour is quite vibrant and turns fully opaque within two coats which isn’t too bad for a brand that doesn’t specialise in nail polish. I’m quite impatient so if a polish requires more than two coats I’m not inclined to use it on a regular basis. The brush is standard, not overly thick or thin, personally I quite like flat brushes as they make painting the nails quicker but I can live with a standard brush when needed.
(One coat of the polish)
As you can see the pigmentation of the polish is quite rich, exactly how it appears in the bottle which is always a bonus. The finish is that of a cream polish but I have noticed that if you wear it on your nails for a while the glossiness will fade and dull which is a shame.

Sadly, this lacks the longevity that I look for with a nail polish, within two days this had chipped pretty badly and it didn’t dry quickly either. If I’m honest this isn’t a bad polish but it doesn’t have anything that makes me take notice either.

Overall, this is okay but I have a lot of polishes that I prefer, personally I wouldn’t recommend buying a set just to try this polish unless you particularly love the hair products in which case it’s a nice addition to the set. Umberto Giannini is a brand that disappointed me with their hair products and the polish is just a big meh so nothing to shout about in my opinion.

This product is available in select Christmas sets by Umberto Giannini or you can find it on wholesale stores such as Ebay.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this brand and if you have tried the nail polishes.

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