Lush Lover’s Lamp Bath Bomb Review

I actually debated not reviewing this because it’s actually a Valentine’s Day bath bomb so a review of this is way overdue but there is a chance that Lush will bring this back on Valentine’s Day this year as they tend to bring back old products regularly so I think it’s still worth a review, here’s my thoughts.
The Lover’s Lamp Bath Bomb is this large white bath bomb that has these little red hearts inside it, in terms of appearance it definitely doesn’t stand out as much as some of the more colourful offerings but I was keen to give this a try anyway, I believe this was around the £4.00 which is pretty standard for a Lush bath bomb.

In terms of scent this is a little different to the usual citrus offerings by Lush, this combines orange oil, vanilla absolute and cocoa butter yet the scent isn’t like the usual citrus or floral offerings from Lush, it’s actually a lot softer and to me smells like baby powder – very clean and quite relaxing.
There isn’t any exciting colours that come of of this bath bomb but I do still like it, instead the water turns milky and then you have the little red hearts that float around. As with all of the Lush bath bombs, this coats your skin in a moisturising film that leaves the skin very soft and hydrated.

Overall, this is a nice bath bomb, would I repurchase? I’m not sure it is nice and if I received it as a gift I would use it but there are other bath bombs that I prefer, but overall, not bad! If you prefer something a little lighter and simple then I think that you’ll like this a lot.

The Lush Bath Bombs are available here.

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