Kiko Nail Lacquer in 266 Ultramarine Blue Review

I have mixed feelings about the Kiko Nail Lacquers but on the whole I’ve been distinctly underwhelmed, they just don’t seem to really work as I like, they have beautiful colours but the formulas are disappointing. Ultramarine Blue is the latest colour I have tried with only one left that I’m yet to try, here’s my thoughts.
Ultramarine Blue, as the name would suggest, is a beautiful rich navy blue shade. The Kiko Lacquers are very budget friendly, usually they retail for £3.90 but every time I look online or in store, they’re on sale. I do think though that they can sometimes lack in quality.
Thankfully this polish applied well which was a refreshing change from one of the others that I tried. In one to two coats this was opaque, it didn’t go streaky and on the whole was nice and even which I was very happy with. I would have preferred a wide brush and perhaps a slightly thicker formula but on the whole, not bad.
The finish was quite shiny and glossy which I was happy about, but sadly this just didn’t last! I found this this chipped insanely quickly and within three days I had to completely remove it, that was after topping it up each day! It also stained my nails even with a base coat on which was really annoying.

Overall, again I’m disappointed, I love Kiko as a brand but I just don’t rate their nail polishes, maybe the final shade I have to try will surprise me but so far they’re been average at best.

The Kiko Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Ultramarine Blue is available here for £3.90.

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One Response to Kiko Nail Lacquer in 266 Ultramarine Blue Review

  1. Such a pretty blue shade! My favorite brand for nail polish has been the Butter London polishes. I love the formula of it and it seems to be really easy to apply. Especially for people like me that aren’t so good at it lol. x

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