Frost/Ice Queen Makeup Tutorial

It’s been a while since I’ve done a crazy makeup tutorial and I really wanted to just let me creativity run wild so I decided to create a look inspired by frost and ice. Sadly I didn’t have a lot of the tools eg glue stick, white liquid liner and face gems so this is purely done by what I had to hand but I hope that you like it!
I started by applying an eye primer and I used the Body Shop Instablur Eye Primer just to prep my eyes and create a smooth and even base. Next, I used my Maybelline Instant Eye Erase Concealer to neutralise any under eye circles. I opted for a very cool toned-icy colour palette here and I did use multiple palettes but you can use whatever you wish. I started by taking my BH Cosmetics 88 Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette and applying a pale silver shadow over my lids. I packed this on quite heavily. Next I took my Essence 3d Eyeshadow in Irresistible Summer-Sea. Taking the lighter shade I blended that with the silver on my lid, I then applied the darker shade into the crease and blended that out. I later added a small amount of Urban Decay’s Freeze from the Vice 3 Palette to keep that bold. I also added Bobby Dazzle from the same Vice 3 Palette along my brow bone and in my inner corners. For liner I only did my waterline and I used the Gosh Velvet Touch Liner in Sky High. I used a Seventeen Shadow Stick in a pearly white shade regularly throughout this tutorial, so when I applied my L’oreal Telescopic Mascara once it had dried I added this pearly white to the ends of my lashes. I also didn’t fill my brows in but just ran this pearly shadow stick through them so they’d look frozen.

I skipped primer which in hindsight, was a bad idea as the pearly shadow stick defintiely dried out my skin. I actually went straight in with my Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation I’m allergic to face paint so I didn’t use that plus I wanted this to be a little more natural (or as natural as this look can be!). Next I took the Essence Eyeshadow from earlier plus Urban Decay’s Freeze Shadow I took a mix of this onto a powder brush and I actually applied this all around the edges of my face, including as a contour. I later blended the crap out of this because I wanted it to be a blue tinge rather than blue stripes, but I liked the effect of it. Using the same pearly eyeshadow stick from before, I exaggerated a highlight for my cheekbones, nose, cupids bow and brow bone. It took my a while to ensure that my skin wasn’t blue and patchy so I kept adding eyeshadow then blending it out and dabbing on foundation until I was happy with the results.

I didn’t have any lipsticks that were like the shade I wanted to use so I actually created my own custom lip colour. I started my applying that Seventeen Pearly White Shadow Stick across my lips, this creases and slips so I had to pat it in and layer it so prevent it sinking into lines. I then took the lighter side of the Essence 3D Eyeshadow in Irresistible Summer Sea and applied that to my lips, I kept adding in colour and blending until I was happy. This did slip a little bit so to secure it into place I used the same Gosh Velvet Touch Liner in Sky High as a lip liner, I then smudged and blended this to create a softer finish.

Final Look
This look was brighter in person however the yellow lighting in my house washed it out but I actually like that as I look more…corpselike? I’m actually really happy with how this turned out. As you might have guessed there isn’t any specific structure to this look, if you go freehand and make it messy I think it’ll work more in your favour, so give it a go and enjoy it!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what you think of this look, I’m happy with how it turned out!

Thanks for reading.


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