Eve Taylor Skincare Balancing Range

I’m not too far from finishing the mountain of Eve Taylor samples that I had to work through and to be honest I’m kind of glad because so far nothing has really blown me away. I decided to give the balancing range to see if it would inspire me, after all I do have combination skin, here’s my thoughts.
Both of these products are sample sizes and come in clinical looking white and blue sachets. Eve Taylor specialises in aromatherapy so the branding makes sense but I have to say it doesn’t do much to excite me. The prices and sizes vary for these products, the Balancing Cleanser is available in a 200ml retail size for £14.89 or a 50ml travel size for £5.09. The Balancing Moisture Lotion is again available in two sizes, the 200ml retail size is priced at £14.89 with the 50ml travel size again at £5.09.

Balancing Cleanser
The Balancing Cleanser contains Lavender and Jasmine and has a very floral/ herbal scent which I’m not too fond of to be honest. It comes in lotion form which is design to cleanse the skin without stripping it. The product did cleanse my skin however, my skin did feel a little parched afterwards and was very slightly tight. I didn’t feel that this cleansed my skin without stripping it if I’m honest. I also noticed that the product was supposed to emulsify with water but again it didn’t do this, instead the lotion smeared around my face but didn’t foam.

Balancing Moisture Lotion
Containing Geranium and Basil, the Balancing Moisture Lotion also has a very earthy herbal scent which I’m not fond of. Claiming to be rich enough for dry areas but not too rich for oily areas this was quite interested. My cheeks were quite dry so I didn’t know how this would work, it didn’t clear up my dry patches and was very light and greasy in texture. It took some work to get this to absorb as it smeared around my skin a lot. My skin did feel okay afterwards but again it was slightly tight, I didn’t feel that this was great for my skin either.

Overall, this range didn’t really impress me, none of these products have been awful but maybe my expectations are too high? I do think that they tend to have a lot of product claims and are mid range priced but they just don’t seem to do much for my skin. I do have the Soothing and Age Resist range to try so we’ll see how I get on with those, I also have a sample of their Hyluronic Acid Intense Hydrator which I have very high hopes for so we will see!

The Eve Taylor Balancing Range is available here, prices start at £5.09.

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