Pusheen Nail Art

Let me start by saying that I’m not a nail technician and I’m not a pro at nail art. Having said that, I’ve been experimenting with designs and trying to improve myself and my boyfriend challenged me to try and create some Pusheen designs. I have to say I think I may have decided to run before I could walk here BUT I hope that you still enjoy this post!
I’ve attempted two pusheen designs here the one on the left is the pusheen with the monacle and on the right is the pusheen paw print. I think I would probably repeat these designs for all of my nails but you could always use these as a starting point and then try other pusheen designs!

You will need:
A white nail art pen or thin tipped polish (this one by Seventeen is both)
A black nail art pen or thin tipped polish (again I’ve used another Seventeen one)
A grey polish (I’ve used Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Chai)
A pink polish (I’ve used Maggie Anne in Emma – this was sent to me)
A toothpick.

Step One – Paint the nails pink
The first thing that you need to do (after applying a base coat) is to paint the entire nail pink, I really wanted a sugary pink polish so I used the Maggie Anne Six Free Nail Polish in Emma but you can use whatever you like.

Step Two – Create the grey shapes
step-2-second step-2
(Left paw print design, right monacle pusheen)
I’m doing these designs simulataneously but I’d recommend that you do one at a time! For the paw print the next step is to create a half moon shape with the grey polish and to fill it in. If you’re doing the monacle pusheen then you need to create the ears and a flat line where the top hat will sit.

Step Three – Create white space
If you are doing the monacle design then you simply need to wait for the pink and grey polishes to be fully dry, but if you’re doing the paw print design then we have an extra step here. Again you will be creating another half moon shape but this will be at the top of the nail and you will do this with you white nail art pen or thin tipped polish.

Step Four – Add detailing
step-four-second step-three
This is the hardest part now for both designs so I’m going to split this into two parts depending on which design you are doing.
If you are doing the pawprint then the next step is to take your black nail art pen (or thin tipped polish) and to create the outline of the fingers, ideally you want four but here I messed up and did only three. Once you’ve done that take your pink polish and blob that halfway down the grey section. Use your toothpick to shape the blob like a paw pad and then using the same toothpick dip into the blog before it dries and create four dots above the blog which will be individual finger prints of the paw.

If you’re doing the monacle design then this is definitely a tricky part. Take your black nail art pen (or thin tipped polish) and create the top hat, simply create a square on the flat part of the grey section and fill it in, add a line for the base and then two lines coming down below the hat. Use the same black to create a dot for the left eye, whiskers and a moustache (mine is quite wobbly oops!) Next take the white nail art pen or polish and create a white dot for the monacle eye, if you’re brave enough outline this dot with the black.

There we have it, two slightly mediocre pusheen nail art designs! If you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments what you think of this design and if you’ll be giving it a go!

Thanks for reading.


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