The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in 00 Review

I’ve tried numerous Body Shop products over the years but more recently I’ve been trying out their makeup products. I’ve already tried their Colour Crush Lipsticks (love) and their Instablur primers (mixed) but typically I’ve not always gotten along with their base products finding their foundation (now discontinued) way to orange for my skin. I was quite keen to give their BB Cream a go and I was kindly gifted a set of both the primer and BB Cream from a friend a while ago. I’ve been trialling this BB Cream all week and here’s my thoughts.
The All-In-One BB Cream makes up half of the Flawless Finish Collection which was a promotional item last year. I have reviewed Instablur already but I was yet to try the BB Cream, something which I have been doing this week. The BB Cream isn’t the cheapest or most expensive BB Cream out there it retails for £12.00 for 25ml sitting comfortably mid-range.

This particular BB Cream uses colour-adapting technology to match your skintone. Typically I’m not a fan of colour-adapting products mainly because my skin suffers with rednessn so I don’t want the product to replicate that. In addition to this, I also find that a lot of products tend to learn towards the orange side.

The Body Shop describes the All-In-One BB Cream as the following:
When you’ve got no time to spare, our All-in-One BB Cream is a must-have beauty product for super-speedy results. Enriched with 24hr hydration, our hardworking, multi-tasking BB cream does it all, leaving your skin gloriously glowing and (almost) picture perfect. Blend into your complexion for a colour adapting, dewy, even-finish that perfectly matches your skin tone. It’s your skin, only better. BB Cream. Adapts to skin tone. Hydrates for 24hr. Illuminates and evens appearance of skin tone. Non-clogging. Light to medium coverage. 5 shades. Community Trade organic aloe vera.”

The first thing I have to talk about is the formula, this has a very light runny texture which at first made me believe that the product had separated. Once applied this does indeed colour match but I found that it’s no effective in terms of coverage. I would not describe this as having medium coverage at all. On me this was very light and was more like a tinted moisturiser, having read a few other reviews on various blogs quite a few people have also noted this.
Unblended this product comes out the same white/grey colour that all colour adapting products come out as, it looks quite gross and definitely requires blending to burst the colour pigments.
Unfortunately you can see that the colour adaption does not work well for me. On the left hand side of my hand it’s quite pink due to the cold but it very pale, if you look at the right hand side where the product is blended it’s quite orange toned – much too dark for me.

I was very disappointed with this, this is shade 00 so I thought that it would be pale enough for me but obviously not. To me this just doesn’t have enough coverage and the colour adapting is very poor. The finish on my skin was quite greasy and oily looking – quite a feat considering I have dry skin! Personally I would not recommend or repurchase this.

The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream is available here for £12.00 for 25ml.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this BB Cream or if you would give it a go.

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