Eve Taylor Exfoliating Scrub Review

I mentioned in a post last week that at a bloggers even I received some samples of Eve Taylor products in a little gift bag and I’ve been slowly but surely working my way through them and reviewing them as I go along. As someone with combination skin that leans towards the drier side, exfoliants are something that I like to try to banish those patches. Here’s my thoughts on this offering by Eve Taylor.
Disclaimer – I received this in a goody bag from an event all opinions are my own.
The Eve Taylor Exfoliating Scrub contains Bamboo and Soya and is aimed at all skin types to buff away dead skin cells that can cause dryness. I have here a sample version fo the product however, there are three different sizes available 200ml, 100ml and a 50ml travel size.

The product claims are as follows:
A creamy exfoliant with spherical bamboo beads to gently buff and polish the skin surface. All skin types and conditions.Quick and easy to use giving instantly fresher skin.Removes surface dull skin allowing easier absorption of serums and treatment oils.
Skin is smoother and more hydratedSmooth bamboo beads gently buff and polish the skin leaving a healthy glow. Vegetable glycerine hydrates the skin to combat dehydration. Dimethicone soothes and protects the skin.

Like the other Eve Taylor products, this does have a herbal scent to it however, this isn’t as strong or offensive as some of the other products. This is quite an abrasive scrub, the micro-beads are very small and quite gritty, it does remove the dry skin but I’d disagree that this is gentle, I think that unless you do have dry skin, you may find this to be quite harsh.

I guess my skin did have a glow, but that’s always difficult because products such as this always leave my skin very red-looking afterwards but I can say that this did remove the dry skin which allowed me skin to look more radiant. I do wish that it had been a little more gentle on the skin, the beads were so small that I couldn’t see them but this was very very scrubby!

Another product claim that I disagree with is the hydration side of it, this product does work to remove dry skin but it doesn’t hydrate nor does it soothe, again if you are looking for something that is quite abrasive and will ease with dry skin then I think that this will work but if you’re wanting hydration too then I’d recommend using a serum or moisturiser afterwards.

In terms of sensitivity my skin was a little sore and red after using this but it didn’t react, sometimes I use products that visibly trigger reactions such as itching or burning, thankfully that didn’t happen here so if your skin can be a little sensitive then I think that you will be okay with this, if you are severely sensitive to most products though this is one to avoid.

Overall, this isn’t bad. Would I repurchase? I’m not sure because I prefer exfoliating products that have large scrubby parts, one thing to also consider is that there have been articles talking about the dangers of micro-beads in skincare so if this is something that you are particularly wary of then I would avoid this.

The Eve Taylor Exfoliating Scrub is available here, prices start at £5.80.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you like to use exfoliating products, I quite like certain chemical ones, the Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel is one of my favourites!

Thanks for reading!

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