How To Thicken Flat Hair

I’ve mentioned multiple times on my blog about the struggles that I have with my hair. Naturally my hair is very thin, shiny and flat. It does wave or curl naturally but then tends to go frizzy as I’m prone to flyaways and I generally find my hair quite difficult to manage (I’m seriously considering going shorter). I know that I’m not alone with this, tons of people struggle with locking in the volume and so I thought I’d share my tips for adding a little extra volume.
1) Don’t overwash your hair
It’s very easy to wash your hair daily thinking that you’re getting rid of any grease but over washing the hair can also strip the hair and leave you with hair that’s too soft to be able to manage. I wash my hair around three times a week and if I know that I have an event or something coming up where I want volume I’ll skip a day and spritz in some dry shampoo which also helps with adding volume.

2) Blow-Drying
This is one of the most obvious answers and for someone like me who prefers to air dry and avoid excessive heat it’s not an option for me. If you do like to use a hair drier tip your head upside down and blow dry the hair underneath, this will create extra volume, if you’re concerned about it lasting, switching to the cool setting at the end will help to seal the hair follicle and lock the style into place.

3) Backcombing
You do need to be careful with backcombing as it can damage the hair but this does work in a pinch if you need extra volume. Backcombing can cause the hair to look frizzy so I actually backcomb the parts underneath then leave the parts on top to sit over the nest I’ve created. This stops my hair looking messy but gives me that much needed volume.

4) Try volumising and thickening products
We are now lucky enough to have access to a whole hoarde of thickening and volumising products that help to fatten individual strands of hair and add extra body. One of my favourites is the Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray it’s a dry spray that I can add into my hair, a couple of ruffles later and I have extra volume.

5) Consider a haircut
Longer styles tend to weigh the hair down making volume difficult to achieve. I noticed that when my hair was shoulder length it was much easier to manage plus I had extra volume. Styles that also have layers are great as they lay on top of each other to create a bigger barnet.

6) Change your parting
Easy to do and it doesn’t come with the nerve-wracking choice of going for the chop. If your hair has been parted the same for years it will naturally start to fall that way so sometimes a new parting can make a difference. I used to have a centre parting until I realised that it was doing nothing for my hair, now a side parting means that I have extra body and my hair doesn’t stick to my face.

7) Opt for lightweight products
Some hair products such as shampoos and conditioners can be quite heavy if they contain a lot of silicone. These kind of products weigh the hair down making it more difficult to achieve that lift. Lightweight products will allow you to get the style you want without your hair hanging down.

8)  Reverse Washing
If you have dry hair like me then I definitely wouldn’t recommend this but if you have oily, limp hair then this is a great option. Use the conditioner first and then the shampoo to prevent your locks from being too limp, Tresemme even have a special shampoo and conditioner (the Beauty-Full range) designed to maximise the volume.

That concludes this post, if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and let me know if you do anything particular to maintain volume, I’m always open to new product recommendations and tips!

Thanks for reading.


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