New Beauty Launches Wishlist #1

As usual there’s plenty of new beauty launches and I’m excited because there’s so many beautiful products out there that we can all get our hands on (yay!) I’m really into reading and writing wishlist posts at the moment, so it would only be fair for me to write one about the new launches right?
1) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Surreal Light £69.00 (Space NK)
Be still my beating heart this has to be the most beautiful palette I have ever seen. I’ve still not managed to try any Hourglass products (blame my finances) but this is something that I seriously need to get my hands on. With blushers, strobing powders and more this would be something that I would seriously treasure.

2) Illamasqua Lip Slay Gift Set £40.00 (Illamasqua)
Illamasqua have launches gift sets and I’m so excited I may forget to breathe. There’s a few different ones including a nude one that I think most people will love but my eyes are firmly planted on the Lip Slay set containing a lipstick, lip pencil and lip lure.

3) Illamasqua Jubilance Eyeshadow £16.50 (Illamasqua)
Continuing with Illamasqua, another new launch is their eyeshadow in Jubilance. It’s this beautiful rosy toned shimmer eyeshadow which is a shade I always gravitate towards as it’s super flattering against green eyes.

4) Kat Von D Chrysalis Eyeshadow Palette £36.00 (Debenhams)
I’m super excited about Kat Von D landing in the UK and the Chrysalis eyeshadow palette is something that I’ve been after for a while as I love jewel toned shades. I do also have my eyes on the Metal Matte palette which isn’t quite here yet but both look beautiful.

5) Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita £16.00 (Debenhams)
This has to be one of the most hyped up shades and I have to admit it looks beautiful although I do think the Studded Kiss Lipstick in the same shade looks a little more pink toned. I’ve heard amazing things about these liquid lipsticks so I’m definitely keen to give them a go.

6) Kiko Cosmetics Cocoa Shock Blush in 03 £10.90 (Kiko Cosmetics)
I love Kiko Cosmetics as a brand mainly because they’re so innovative with their products. This does remind me of the chocolate bar palettes by Too Faced and Makeup Revolution but I love the blusher design and the colours are so pretty.

7) Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar £2.95 (Lush)
This isn’t a new release per-se but this is new for 2016 as it’s one of Lush’s Christmas releases. I’ve wanted to try this for so long as it’s supposed to smell like Snow Fairy. Plus I totally approve of the Charlie the Unicorn reference.

8) MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Driftwood £17.50 (MAC)
These lipsticks look amazing and I’ve heard rave reviews about them already. The shade Driftwood reminds me of my all-time favourite lipstick Essence’s Natural Beauty. I love pink toned nude shades as they really do look like MLBB and they’re incredibly flattering.

9) Nina Ricci Luna EDT 50ML £42.73 (Perfume Club)
It’s been a while since I’ve lusted after a new perfume launch but this one by Nina Ricci sounds and looks perfect. The bottle is stunning, it’s my favourite colour so I’d love to have that on my dresser. In addition to this it has notes of wild berries, vanilla, sandalwood and caramel. Consider me sold.

10) Real Techniques Bold Metals Diamond Sponge £12.00 (Boots)
My Miracle Complexion Sponge has seen better days and I’m desperately in need of a new makeup sponge. This one by Real Techniques looks fabulous and I think that the point would be great for precision (although I can also see it falling apart easily) I love Real Techniques’ sponges for makeup – they give me a flawless base every time.

That concludes my wishlist, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have any of these products! Also, please follow my blog if you’re not already doing so.

Thanks for reading!


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