Yankee Candle Sweet Strawberry Votive Review

A while ago I went on a bit of a candle spree and bought a handful of the Yankee Candle votives. One of the scents that I picked up was Sweet Strawberry, with strawberries being my second favourite fruit (after cherries!) I couldn’t resist this.
I personally think that the Yankee Votives are a great idea. They’re small enough that you get to sample the scent but they have a typical burn time of up to fifteen hours, much longer than tealights and tarts. These only cost £1.80 so it’s a great way of trying new scents.

Yankee Candle describes this scent as:
The essence of perfectly ripe strawberries sprinkled with sugar.”

It’s quite a simple scent yet it is pretty apt. This does smell of strawberries but there is an added sweetness which does border on sickly. I love fruity scents but I quite like mine to be tart scents that are very uplifting as opposed to sweet fruit which can sometimes smell quite synthetic.

The burn time of this wasn’t too bad it did last a while but I have to admit that the throw wasn’t great. My kitchen is very small and I found that when this was lit it didn’t fill up the room like some of the other scents I have tried. I’ve had some votives that have had a brilliant throw and as such have lasted much longer but even whilst this was lit the scent didn’t really diffuse across the room which was a shame.

Overall, this wasn’t bad if I was given one I would probably use it but I don’t think I’d rush out to repurchase, simply because there’s other scents that I prefer that have been better. If you are a huge fan of strawberries I would recommend this but if, like me, you prefer tarter scents then I’d recommend that you try one of the other scents.

The Yankee Candle Sweet Strawberry Votive is available here for £1.80.

I hope that you enjoyed this post, if you did please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have tried the votives and which Yankee scents are your favourites!

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