P.S Beauty Quick Dry Nail Spray Review

I’m constantly painting my nails, at least once a week I’ll take of old polish, file and buff my nails, apply my favourite nail growth treatment and then add a beautiful polish over the top. I don’t particularly mind waiting for my nails to dry as I enjoy painting them but I will admit that I have smudged them on occasion and there’s truly nothing more irritating. Enter this nifty little product. I spotted this in Primark following the rebranded launch of their beauty products and thought I’d give it a whirl…
Packaging is pretty standard, it’s a black aerosol can which dispenses the product via you spraying it onto your nails. The design doesn’t really stand out to me, it kind of reminds me of a body spray but nothing special. The price point of this is really reasonable, it’s only 80p which is a bargain compared to the price of Avon and Elegant Touch for similar products.

The idea behind this is that once you’ve applied the colour to your nails, you hold the nozzle twelve inches away from your nails (how far is that without any way to measure?) before spraying. I expected this to be super cold but it doesn’t seem to be particularly chilly, my setitng spray and body sprays are actually colder.

The first thing that I would say is that this can be tricky, if you hold it too far away you won’t touch the nails but too close and the pressure from the can will smudge the polish so that’s not very convenient, I also find that the formula is strange. It smells quite rubbery and plasticy and it coats your nails and fingers with a shiny film that feels quite siliconey it really is very strange.

And for the drying time? I have to admit, this didn’t make a blind bit of difference to me, my nails were quite glossy afterwords but I didn’t like the texture or how oily my hands looked and felt after using this, most of my my polishes have a very glossy finish anyway so again not much of a difference.

Overall, I don’t think that this is a bad product but it does add an extra step to my routine without making any significant difference to me. I’ve used this a few times but it just doesn’t seem to do anything so I’ll be passing this on to see if someone else can enjoy it.

This doesn’t seem to be available online but you should be able to pick this up from your local Primark store for 80p.

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2 Responses to P.S Beauty Quick Dry Nail Spray Review

  1. najjo8844 says:

    I change my nail polish colours every week too and like yourself don’t like waiting but I find if you dip your fingers in cold water after applying polish it dries it up very quickly

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