FCUK High Impact Lips Gift Set Review

Last year I received this lip kit as a birthday gift and I thought it was finally time to show it to you. Now I have to admit, I have three out of four products to show you simply because my beloved nan fell in love with one of the lip glosses so I let her take it, but nevertheless I hope that you enjoy this post.
fcuk products
The High Impact Lips Kit is housed in this cardboard packaging which admittedly isn’t very practical although I do like the holographic design. This set offers two lip crayons and two lip glosses. This retails for £12.00.
Starting with the crayons and we have a plummy pink shade and then an orange toned red which for some reason is looking like a pink in this photo. The crayons have a very creamy formula which I like and I do love the colour of the pink one (not so much the orange).

These do have a glossy finish which I don’t like as much as matte finishes, sadly the longevity of these is awful. Within ten minutes these start to fade and they fade very unevenly leaving a ring of colour around the lips and in any fine lines.
Onto the glosses now and they have a brush applicator, with a twist end that you twist to dispense the product. Again these don’t last very long and they’re very sticky. The pink shade is the better of the two it’s a pale baby pink which my nan likes. This red one is very pigmented but it does slip and smudge everywhere leaving a mess behind.
Overall, I don’t rate this set, I do think that the products are okay and I love the shade of the pink lip crayon but the formulas don’t last and they have a tendency to end up halfway down my face. I’ll be passing these on as they are very high maintenance and I reach for lipsticks over glosses, they might be more suited to younger teenagers.

The FCUK High Impact Lip Kit is available here for £12.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you have tried this set and if you like pigmented lipglosses.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to FCUK High Impact Lips Gift Set Review

  1. Sharmili R says:

    I had no idea that french connection had makeup! Bummer that it doesn’t seem to be that great 😦 Especially cause the color is gorgeous and has so much potential!

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

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