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Lifestyle is something that I don’t really cover much on my blog but recently I’ve been dipping a toe into the waters covering some of my favourite books. There’s so many things that I have my eye on the moment that aren’t beauty related so I thought that it would be fun to share a lifestyle wishlist.
1) Accessorize Mixie Soft Bucket Shoulder Bag £35.00 (Accessorize)
I love slouch bags particularly ones on the larger side as I have a terrible habit of overfilling my bags. This one has a zip to hold it closed which I loved as I hate bags that are open at the top (too many times have I ended up with raindrenched notebooks) I also love the long strap.

2) Leuchtturm Bullet Journal A5 Notebook £15.50 (Leuchtturm)
I’ve been bullet journaling for the past few months now and I am in need of a notebook with thicker paper for when I’m drawing all over it. The Leuchtturm ones seem to be the most popular due to the size, paper thickness and dotted lines and this one is made specifically for bullet journals.

3) Lush Snow Fairy Body Conditioner £13.95 (Lush)
I love Lush products and I’ve been hankering after the Snow Fairy line for a while now. The Snow Fairy Body Conditioner is a new launch with the same scent but a richer formula. As someone with dry skin I love the idea of a body conditioner so this is perfect for me.

4) Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes £13.00 (Amazon)
I’ve been eagerly anticipating the next book by Sali Hughes after I fell in love with Pretty Honest. I adore Sali’s writing style and the book just feels like reading a magazine. I read Pretty Honest within a couple of days and I could not put it down so I can’t wait to read Sali’s thoughts on cult beauty products.

5) Black PU Cleated Boot £15.00 (Primark)
Every year I inevitably buy – or ask for a pair of black boots and this year I’ve fallen for these ankle boots by Primark. I just love the sleek front with the laces, the zip detailing and the chunky heel and I know that I’d wear these to death!

6) Professor Layton and the Azran Legacy 3DS Game £20.38 (Amazon)
I love the Professor Layton games, they definitely require patience but the puzzles keep me going for ages. The only two I haven’t played/finished are Lost Future and Azran Legacy. For some reason Azran Legacy hasn’t dropped in price in Game but it’s much cheaper on Amazon.

7) Grey Christmas Pug Print Slipper Socks £7.99 (New Look)
My feet are always freezing but in autumn and winter my bad circulation causes a lot of pain so I love to keep wrapped up. I don’t have any slippers at the moment but I love the look of these slipper socks and just look at the pug print!

8) Tangle Teezer Candy Cane Hair Brush £10.60 (Look Fantastic)
Tangle Teezers have appeared on my wishlists so many times and I still haven’t bought one (what is wrong with me?) My hair is constantly getting tangled so I really do need to invest in one of these, maybe this festive edition will convince me.

9) My Neighbour Totoro Onesie £12.34 (Ebay)
I love the film My Neighbour Totoro and as a fan of several Studio Ghibli ( RIP Michiyo Yasuda) it seems only logical that I could snuggle down as one of my favourite creatures. This is simply adorable plus my current onesie is a little small.

10) Yankee Candle Macaron Treats Large Jar Candle £21.99 (Yankee Candle)
I will admit that Yankee Candle is my favourite candle brand but honestly anything that promises to fill my home with the scent of sugar and almonds if a definite winner in my book. It’s been a while since I’ve had a Large Jar and even though this is sold out I’m hoping they’ll either make more or I’ll get my hands on a large jar elsewhere.

That concludes this wishlist, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and let me know the lifestyle bits and bobs that you have your eyes on!

Thanks for reading.


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