A New Vegan Discovery | Tropic Colour Click Lipstick in Dragonfruit Review

Tropic, is a brand that I’ve never heard of until now. My mum actually gave me this lipstick after she (or one of her friends) had bought it on one of those TV shopping channels and had never used it. I’ve been doing a bit of research and although these lipsticks are a little pricey I have to admit I’m pretty impressed.
The Tropic Colour Click Lipsticks are housed in this rather sleek looking black and gold plastic packaging. These are quite pricey at £14.00 each however, some of the shades (including Dragonfruit) donate £2.00 to Breast Cancer Care so you can do a good deeed whilst buying a lipstick. There are seven shades in total.

Tropic is a brand that sells both skincare items and makeup, the products don’t use animal derivatives and are certified by Cruelty Free International and The Vegan Society as a vegan brand.
The name “Colour Click” comes from the somewhat gimmicky packaging. You push this button at the bottom which clicks and then the lipstick pops out. Although it is quite fun clicking the lipstick (especially if you are a serial pen-clicker) it isn’t practical as the lipstick can sometimes pop out of its casing in your handbag.
Dragonfruit is a shade that I definitely wouldn’t have picked out for myself. It’s this coral shade that definitely leans towards orange. Although it does look quite red in the picture above, you will see that this is definitely more of an orange when I show you it on my lips. It kind of reminds me of MAC’s Vegas Volt with that punchy orange tone to it.

The formula is a sat finish however, initially the lipstick does feel quite dry. It doesn’t drag too much but that slight dryness allows it to adhere to the lips without smudging or slipping and it increases the longevity. One thing I did notice is that this lipstick smells like grapefruit in the tube which is a little odd but something that I can live with.
Overall, I like this lipstick a lot more than I thought I would. I really enjoyed wearing this on my lips all week and I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot in spring and summer as it’s a bright, uplifting shade. I didn’t think I’d like this lipstick but it has impressed me and I may have to check out other shades.

The Tropic Colour Click Lipsticks are available here for £14.00.

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