Dear Internet…Why I’m not a ‘good blogger.’

I actually had the idea for this series earlier this week when  was unable to sleep. I was thinking about the blogging world, how it’s changed, how it’s evolved and the conventions of blogging – particularly being a beauty blogger in an over saturated market. I’ve also read a couple of articles, the first one talks about the signs that show you’re not a good blogger and the second discusses how to be like every other blogger.

That got me thinking, how do we define success and what truly makes a good blogger? Today’s post is going to be a little rambly (sorry about that but not really) and I thought I’d share with you the reasons why I’m probably not a good blogger.
1) I don’t like to follow beauty blogger conventions
I’m sure many people will argue that there is a lot of similarities between beauty bloggers. I’m talking about the pale or white backgrounds, minute writing that I have to zoom in by 150% just so I can read the damn thing (my eyesight sucks), the love for rose gold and marble trays and the flat lay photography, I don’t mean to offend anyone but I’m bored.
I like to read blogs because of the content, I love beauty, I love makeup and I love reading so to me, I care about one thing and one thing only and that’s the content. Yet, increasingly these conventions have developed and it seems that to be popular, we have to be the same as everyone else. There’s been times when I’ve forgotten which blog I’m reading because it has the same design, format and writing style as five other blogs I follow. My blog isn’t the same, the background is blue, my writing style is a little different and I cover predominantly beauty rather than fitness, food and everything else. Basically, I’m not a typical ‘beauty blogger’ but is that a good thing or a bad thing?

2) SEO bores me.
Every article I read offering blogging advice and tips bangs on about SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is it’s Search Engine Optimisation, it’s a way of aiding your blog using tools such as Google Analytics to gain more reach and to climb the pages of Google. Now, I don’t have a problem with SEO I know how to use it and I’ve worked in previous roles where it’s been important but oh my days it bores me. I’m just not interested, perhaps it’s because I never started my blog with the intention of being successful, I don’t blog to make money or to be admired or famous. I blog because it’s a hobby, a hobby that is very dear to me and so I’d rather focus on writing content than spamming the world with links.

3) I don’t monetise my blog.
I know that if I got my own domain and started the whole business with advertisers, affiliate links and sponsored content I could probably make money from my blog but honestly? I’m just not interested. I started my blog two years ago, I wanted to write, I wanted to blog, I wanted to build a brand and I wanted to practice everything I knew about public relations and marketing. Of course, I care about my followers, but I also blog for myself. I’m not interested in the money or filling my sidebars with links to brands and products that I don’t care about. I don’t judge anyone for choosing that route, I know that I’m an anomaly there but for me, I’d rather not earn any money but love what I do.

4) I post too often.
I know that most bloggers and vloggers have set days where they post three times a week and I post every day. It does mean that some of my posts get lost in a sea of other posts but I enjoy writing and I enjoy blogging. Clearing a day a week to dedicate to scheduling and producing content makes me happy, it’s not a chore to me, that’s how I can post so much. People often ask me, how do I make the time? How do I keep it up? The answer is simple, it’s enjoyment, I LOVE blogging so it’s never something that I feel that I have to do.

5) I don’t network or spam.
Realistically, I could probably gain more followers if I followed more bloggers, if I commented on everything I saw, if I spammed social media multiple times a day (not accusing anyone here but the new algorithms mean that if you want to be seen you have to constantly update), I don’t talk to many bloggers and I don’t go to many events. Part of this is my location, Huddersfield is miles away from London so we do have less events here, I’m not big enough to be noticed by events in my area and I’m painfully shy especially when it comes to starting up conversations on social media with people I don’t know. I have joined a couple of chats occasionally but as mentioned above, I often feel shy and I don’t have the time (or even the confidence at times) to constantly network and put a happy face forward.

So there we have it, I do hope that this post hasn’t offended anyone but I really enjoyed writing it, I do wonder if anyone else feels vaguely similar to how I do about some of these topics, please feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments I’d love to hear them!

Thanks for reading.


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