I Love…Blackberry and Raspberry Shower Creme Review

I’ve found I Love…products to be a bit hit and miss if I’m honest. Often they smell okay at first whiff and then when you actually use them they start to smell very sickly and I often regret purchasing them. I definitely didn’t like the Mango version of this so  was a little apprehensive to try the Blackberry and Raspberry Shower Creme but my God, I really like it…
This is a Raspbeery and Blackberry Shower Creme and a Bubble Bath, now I’ve used this both ways and it doesn’t seem to create many bubbles in the bath, it’s also not really rich enough (in my humble opinion) to be considered a shower creme but, it smells really fruity and uplifting. This 500ml bottle retails for £2.99 which is incredibly budget friendly but I actually picked this up for a pound in Poundworld, whoop!

This claims to be soap free, paraben free and PH balanced which are nice qualities to have as I do have very sensitive skin and I also have eczema but I can happily use this on my body without getting an allergic reaction and it doesn’t dry me out or cause any flare ups either.

Although it’s not moisturising, it is thicker than the average shower gel and it lathers up nicely so it feels very luxurious when using this. You can tell that I like it because this was a 500ml bottle and as you can see from the photo it’s empty!

As mentioned above this isn’t overly sweet, it definitely has a fruity zestiness that I really enjoyed using. I don’t prefer this over my beloved Rdaox Shower Creams (they’re seriously awesome) but I do think that this is such good value for money as you get a ton of product plus it’s not low in quality.

Overall, I liked this, I don’t think I’d say that you need to try this so I’ll hold onto the recommendation but it is a nice product and if I did see this on offer again for a pound I#d definitely repurchase as this has lasted me months!

The I Love…Blackberry and Raspberry Shower Creme and Bubble Bath is available here for £2.99.

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