My Reverse Washing Experiment | Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume Review

I used to use the Tresemme Moisture range quite a lot but I like to switch up my haircare and after my hair and scalp seemed to be quite dry I switched to Head and Shoulders. This was a sample in a magazine and I hadn’t actually come across this range yet so I’ve been giving it a try, here’s my thoughts.
The Beauty-Full Volume range is available on the high street and in drugstores, the prodycts are quite expensive for high street at £5.24 each however, Tresemme does make up for this with their large 500ml bottles for that price.

The Beauty-Full Volume range is described as the following:
Using conditioner after you shampoo can weigh hair down. That’s why the game-changing TRESemmé beauty-full volume regime starts with a pre-wash conditioner instead.Use it before washing with the shampoo and your hair will feel soft and silky – but still have beautiful bounce.Formulated with fleximax volumisers, the shampoo helps control static, infusing your hair with volume and leaving it perfectly prepped for styling. Volume really can feel as good as it looks…

The concept behind this range is the idea of ‘reverse washing’ this became pretty popular around a year ago and I remember giving it a go and being unhappy with the results. The idea is that you condition your hair first and then use shampoo to prevent weighing the hair down, the process, which is designed for fine haired people is supposed to add volume.

So, following this idea Tresemme have come up with a different system we have a Pre Wash Conditioner and an Anti Static Shampoo. Although I didn’t like reverse washing before my hair has since changed, lately it’s been getting greasy quite quickly so I thought it would be an interesting time to repeat the process as my hair was rather dry before (click here to read my previous results when I reverse washed.)

The products smelled quite nice a very clean yet feminine smell and I followed the instructions by using the pre-conditioner first and then following it with the shampoo, I then towel dried my hair and let it air dry to find out what would happen.

The Results
My hair did seem a little more fluffy which was quite nice, this time it wasn’t dried out but it was no longer greasy either yay! I didn’t find a huge difference in volume in all honesty but there was a different in the type of my hair and so I’ve developed the following conclusion.

If you have dry hair then reverse washing will dry your hair out more, however, if you have fine GREASY hair then this will work wonders so give it a try!

In terms of the shampoo and conditioner they weren’t bad products but they didn’t really stand out to me, reverse washing isn’t something that I would do every day as my hair is naturally wavy and frizz prone so hydration in important, I think that if I did this regularly it would kill me hair. I would do this again though if my hair was particularly greasy and I think this will be especially good in the summer when our hair is getting greasier and sweaty due to the heat. Would I repurchase the shampoo and conditioner? Probably not simply because it didn’t wow me but I would recommend them if you do have greasy limp hair.

The Tresemme Beauty-Full Volume range is available here and consists of the shampoo and conditioner, a maximiser and a mousse.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments what your thoughts are on reverse washing and if you have tried the Tresemme Beautiful Volume range. 

Thanks for reading!


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