Urban Decay Shadow Box Palette Review

I love Urban Decay as a brand and my biggest weakness is their palettes which make up the majority of my palette collection. I particularly love rich, jewel tones on my eyes, I like smoking them out and so the Shadow Box was definitely on my wishlist. I have to admit I really don’t think that this palette gets enough coverage as it deserves because quite frankly, it’s fab.
The palette is what I think of as one of Urban Decay’s ‘mini palettes’ it is smaller than average but has a lower price tag. The Shadow Box has, in my opinion, the nicest packaging of them all. I adore the purple abstract design on the front teamed with the black and silver, plus the 3D logo adds an interesting edge to the palette. This is high end but it’s not the most expensive palette at £23.00 for twelve eyeshadows (although I got this for £20 when Urban Decay had a sale.) Granted, they are smaller than some eyeshadow pans however, this is much more budget friendly than a quad eyeshadow by Charlotte Tilbury or Tom Ford.
I really love the mix of shades inside and it’s one of the things that I associate with Urban Decay and their palettes. We have a good mix of jewel tones, neutrals and smokier shades. Eleven of these are shimmer eyeshadows with Blackout being the only matte but I prefer that as I prefer shimmery eyeshadows over mattes anyway.

The shades included are the following:
Sin – A pale pink toned champagne shimmer.
Indo – A forest green shimmer.
Bordello- A pale pink shimmer.
Tornado – A dusty purple shimmer.
Smog – A deep burnished brass shimmer.
Blackout – A matte black.
(Swatched L-R: Sin, Indo, Bordello, Smog, Blackout.)
Flash – A pearlescent lilac purple.
Mushroom – A mid-toned silver shimmer
Lost – A chocolate shimmer.
Freelove – A shimmery coral with a gold shift (think a bright Nars Orgasm shade)
Moonshadow – A navy shimmer with silver glitter.
Baked Cowboy – A vibrant gold shimmer.
(Swatched L-R: Flash, Mushroom, Lost, Freelove, Moonshadow, Baked Cowboy.)

For the most part, the formulas of these eyeshadows are very rich and buttery with a silky texture. I do find that Blackout is in danger of bein more chalky but if you go in with a light hand then this is fine. I’m a little disappointed with Indo and Moonshadow, these were the shadows that I were most looking forward to using and these have the poorest finish with Moonshadow translating almost chalky unless you build it up by layering up the coats.

Fallout is also an issue, but I do my eyes before my face anyway so this isn’t a massive problem, I do find that these shadows blend very well with my favourites being Bordello, Flash, Mushroom, Freelove, Smog and Baked Cowboy. I also like how the selection of shadows can be used in conjunction with one another as I like to use two to three eyeshadows at once to create a multi-dimensional look.
(Mushroom across the lid, Blackout blended into the crease and along the lower lashline, Lost on the inner corners and inner lower lash line.)

This photo was taken after I wore the shadows for around two and a half to three hours, Blackout has crumbled a little from my lower lash line, however, on the lids and crease the shadows are still very pigmented and show no signs of fading. I do think that the longevity of these shadows is pretty good with most of them (save for the darker shades that fade quicker) lasting a good five hours throughout the day over an eye primer.

Overall, I really like this palette, the small size and the mirror makes this great for travelling or popping in your handbag and the rich pigments of these shadows means that a little will go a long way, I’ve been using this for a week now and I’ve not even made a dent in the shadows. I really would recommend this to eyeshadow junkies and I would repurchase this as well.

The Urban Decay Shadow Box Eyeshadow Palette is available here for £23.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know in the comments which Urban Decay palettes are your favourites, I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading.


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