Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Melon Shimmer Review

I reviewed one of the Estee Lauder lipsticks a week or so ago and I mentioned that the formula was quite dry and thick, however, that was a different range. This is a lipstick that I received as part of a free gift when I purchased two Estee Lauder products and the formula is very different, here’s my thoughts.
This is a sample/deluxe sample of the lipstick so the packaging is different to to the usual gold boxy style. Melon Shimmer (or is it just Melon) is this bright coral shade that’s a great one for summer. This retails for £22.00 on the official Estee Lauder website.

Starting with the formula of this and it’s literally the complete opposite to the formula of the Sculpting Envy Lipsticks. This feels a lot thinner with a more slippery formula. The finish is classes as a shimmer but it’s not glittery like the name may suggest. It’s a creamy satin that shines in the light. I prefer this formula over the Sculpting Envy formula but sadly this isn’t quite right for me either as I find that it sits on the lips and highlights any dry patches on my lips and looks quite strange on me. It seems that the two Estee Lauder lipsticks that I own are two extremes with neither being quite right I think if the formulas were combined we’d have a perfect middle ground!
The colour is definitely not for the faint hearted, it’s a neon coral so I do think that you have to be brave to wear this. It’s strange because I don’t usually have a problem with wearing bold purples yet I actually felt a little shy to wear this as coral isn’t a shade that I usually go for. I do think that this is quite a pretty shade but I don’t think it suits me very well.
on me 2
I can get away with brighter lipsticks as I do have neutral undertones to my skin but I think this definitely is a little too much on me simply because I am quite pale. This did wear away relatively quickly and I found that it looked a lot better if I patted it into my lips to tone it down. Overall this was a nice lipstick but I think that it’s not my kind of thing, the formula could be improved and the colour isn’t something I would choose for myself at all. I personally wouldn’t repurchase or recommend but it all depends on your personal taste.

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick in Melon Shimmer is available here for £22.00.

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