Beauty Confessions #1

Now don’t tell anyone, but like any other beauty blogger I’m only human and of course I have bad days like anyone else, days where I just can’t be bothered to cleanse or I feel unwell and so I have my fair share of beauty blogger confessions, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of them with you, just don’t tell anyone!

  1. I do use face wipes sometimes in place of a cleanser when I’m feeling particularly lazy.

    2) Sometimes when I can’t be bothered to pluck my eyebrows I tell myself that I’m going for the Cara Delevigne look when in reality I can’t be bothered hunting down my tweezers.

    3) I hate the feeling of freshly shaved legs, I know that’s weird but I feel like I’m sticking to everything.

    4) I’m not a professional but I still cut my own hair (when I can be bothered) because hairdressers always get it wrong and at least I can’t blame anyone if I mess it up myself.

    5) I smoke. I know all about the damage it does to my skin, hair and teeth and I still do it.

    6) I rarely post food photos on Instagram mainly because I eat way too much rubbish and the last time I cooked something I poisoned myself.

    7) I don’t own any marble trays and I hate flowers as they set my hayfever off.

    8) I’ve never used a makeup brush cleanser, I always use Johnsons Baby Shampoo and it works a charm.

    9) I’m literally rubbish at liquid liner which is why I always avoid using it in makeup tutorials.

    10) I always get really nervous when I go up to a makeup counter and see a perfect looking sales assistant.

    11) I know everyone seems to love it but I really hate the smell of Soap and Glory’s Hand Food it just smells really weird to me.

    12) I’m an absolute baby when it comes to spots and I’ll very rarely pop them it really grosses me out and just…ugh.

    13) When I was a teenager I used fake tan ONCE and ended up with orange arms for a week, now I never touch the stuff.

    14) On the rare occasions I do wear a dress without tights or leggings I apply foundation to my legs to stop them from looking so pasty.

    15) When I went through my goth phase as a teenager I used to use Talcum Powder as face powder.

    16) I don’t get Heat Protection Sprays they always just make my hair wet and then impossible to straighten.

    17) I have waaaaay too many blushers and highlighters yet still have a list of the ones that I NEED in my life.

    18) I’ve always thought that cleansing brushes are way overpriced and using one on my face literally scares me.

    19) Up until University I never bothered filling in my brows until a friend finally converted me.

    20) It really winds me up when a blogger will review something like a lipstick and not post a single photo of them wearing it or at least a swatch.

    That rounds up my beauty confessions, I’m fully expecting to lose followers but eh well, I am who I am, if you enjoyed this post please hit the like button and leave your confessions in the comments!

    Thanks for reading.


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PR Person and Beauty Blogger who has a soft spot for eyeshadows, lipsticks and anything quirky. You can contact me at
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2 Responses to Beauty Confessions #1

  1. najjo8844 says:

    Omg it felt like it was about me…we have soo much in common…

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