Seventeen Get Set To Smoulder Eye Crayons Review

My sister received this set as a gift a while a go now and as someone who wasn’t as interested in beauty at the time she never got round to using these. I remember lusting after them for absolutely ages until finally she was kind enough to give me the set (thanks sis) so he we have them.
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I actually really like the packaging of this set, it’s like a little box that opens up. On the outside we have an attractive model and in side we have on the left hand side instructions of how to use the crayons and then the crayons themselves on the right hand side, I think a brush or a liner also came with this but I’ve lost it – oops.
There’s three double ended twist up eye crayons, there’s a gorgeous turquoise with a mauve toned purple on the other end, a white pearl with a smokey grey on the other end and then a pale shimmery champagne shade with a rich bronze shade on the other end. All of these are very creamy and they blend well. Sadly I have found that these crease even if you blend them out, but unless you close your eyes the creasing isn’t obvious, I can put these on and get a few hours of wear out of these, I find that the best way to apply them is to draw them directly onto the lid and then blend them out with your finger.
As you can see the colour payoff is pretty intense with these and as mentioned above they have a very creamy formula. I do think that these would be better if they had a slightly drier formula which would probably prevent them from creasing an would increase longevity but other than that they’re quick and easy to use and they’re quite versatile.

Overall, I do like these I wish they didn’t crease but they’re still fun to play with and I think I’m going to try using them as eyeshadow bases to see if they fare any better. This particular set isn’t available anymore but you Seventeen have now got available the Eye Eye Eye Crayons that look to be similar but possibly with a slightly better formula.

The Seventeen Eye Eye Crayons are available here for £3.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button, let me know if you have tried any eye crayons from Seventeen and if you’d give them a go.

Thanks for reading.

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