China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle Nail Polish Review

I lot of people seem to really rate China Glaze as a nail polish brand but I have to say I’ve not had great experiences with their nail polishes. I found that the last polish I tried Urban Night ended up looking very patchy so I did hope that Too Yacht To Handle would fare slightly better, sadly it hasn’t and I have to say I think I’m over China Glaze polishes…
Too Yacht To Handle (I do love the name) is this beautiful pale aqua shade that is absolutely perfect for summer nails, think laying beside a pool or the contrast between this shade and a perfect tan. Unsurprisingly this was part of China Glaze’s On The Shore Sunsational nail collection and I got this for around £4.00 from Nail Polish Direct.
The shade itself is stunning I love cool toned colours so this i right up my street. It’s relatively pale so would require at least two coats to get to maximum opacity. You can’t really see from this photo but on this nail wheel I only used one coat and it did look patchy and therein lies the problem. The colour is great but for me, the formula is lacking.

China Glaze nail polishes tend to have the standard thin brush rather than one of those nice wide fan brushes which is something that I can usually manage with, but for me the formula just doesn’t work. I find that with a lot of mint shades like this if the formula is bad it can end up looking like Tippex on the nails which isn’t a great look and for me this just goes patchy, plus it chipped quickly. I’ve been painting my nails for years and although I wouldn’t say I’m a pro, I’d consider myself relatively decent at it but I really struggled applying this, it ended up looking patchy and it was difficult to get an even coat.
(This is after a couple of coats and this is dry)
As you can see from the photo although I’ve not done the neatest job, the polish is dry and you can clearly see a patchy looking texture which is something I really dislike. I don’t tend to have this problem with other nail polishes but this is something that I’ve struggled with all of the China Glaze polishes that I have tried, it’s just ridiculously difficult to get it to look right on the nails which is a real shame.

Overall, I’m not a fan, I will be passing this shade along to someone else who will hopefully be a bit luckier than I was and I think I’ll be avoiding China Glaze polishes in the future and sticking with my beloved Barry M polishes instead. It’s a real shame but sadly that’s the way it can be.

The China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle Nail Polish is available here for £3.95 with free UK delivery.

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