Primark Beauty Matte Purple False Nails Review

Before I start this post I’d like to apologies in advance for the state of my fingers in the phot. With the weather been hot and lots of air conditioning in my office at work my skin tends to dry out and I’ve been getting those peeling bits of skin at the side of my nails. Now that my little apology is out of the way let’s talk false nails. False nails are not something that I typically wear as I much prefer nail polish but for my graduation I wanted to look a little more polished so I decided to give these a try…
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The Primark False Nails come in this cardboard box with 36 nails and some nail glue thrown in all for the price of a pound. The nails I chose were a deep matte purple, I don’t typically go for mate polish as I find it can look quite streaky however, matte false nails often can look very chic.

The nails themselves are pretty decent, I managed to find sizes that suited all of my nails and once applied I tripped them down with nail clippers simply because I can’t stand having nails that are too long. The nail glue is pretty strong and adheres quite well although one nail did struggle to stick down. Although the nails themselves are very pretty and budget friendly I do find that my nails end up covered with glue for a good few days I ended up having to soak them in Acetone Nail Polish Remover to get the glue off and it still proved tricky to remove.

The nails themselves though are very nice, I do prefer glue on nails as I find that press ons tend to fall of easily and they also get stuck in my hair, these nails though are pretty decent. The do feel a little thinner than the likes of Elegant Touch but for a pound I think that they’re bargainous and I was really happy with how they looked.
matte nails
Overall these are very nice, I don’t wear false nails often but Primark have some really pretty designs and I really don’t think that you can go wrong for only £1.00. If you are a fan of false nails I would recommend these as they’re decent quality for a low price.

The Primark False Nails are available here for as little as £1.00.

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