Wella System Professional Volumize Shampoo Review

I often complain about my hair it’s just so…bleugh. It’s very fine so it has little volume on the roots and because it’s naturally curly I always have those annoying baby hairs that will not be tamed *le sigh. With it being so hot my hair is more often than not in a messy bun but for the times when I like it to be down and straight volume is a must, enter the Wella System Professional Volumize Shampoo…
Disclaimer: This product was given to me in a goody bag at a bloggers event, all opinions are my own.
Starting with the packaging and I love it, the combination of white and purple is really pretty plus it’s holographic which appeals to my inner magpie. I do wish that the lid flipped up rather than unscrewed simply because in the shower my hands are slippery so it can be a bit of a pain but other than that I have no qualms. This is of course a mini 30ml sample bottle but the full 250ml bottle of this retails for £10.50.

The product description is as follows:
Weightlessly strengthening your hair as it cleanses, Wella SP Volumize Shampoo fortifies your hair without overloading it to create long lasting, light and visible volume. It’s perfect for adding a bit of oomph to fine hair. An essential component of the SP Volumize line, Wella SP Volumize Shampoo is formulated with Creatonic Complex which weightlessly strengthens fine hair for long-lasting volume.

Starting with the scent and this is quite nice, it is a tad perfumey but nothing overwhelming and I’m relieved that it doesn’t stink (always a bonus). Onto the product claims, in all honesty I can’t say I noticed this strengthened my hair but in all honesty my hair isn’t particularly strong anyway, it doesn’t snap as I don’t dye it at the moment but a combination of past health issues, and the fact that it needs a cut does mean that it’s falling out and I didn’t notice this shampoo remedying that – although I have to say I wouldn’t expect it to.

What this shampoo does do though is at volume and lots of it at that. This isn’t anything crazy so you won’t end up with frizz everywhere but it does do something that makes the hair look and feel thicker without drying it out. I’ve wanted to try the Fibrology shampoos by L’oreal for a while but was always put off when people said that it makes the hair coarse as my hair is dry anyway, this added the volume and plenty of shine but without weighing my hair down or making it coarse or brittle feeling.

At the moment whilst it’s hot I probably won’t get a lot of use out of this simply because it’s way too warm for extra hair! But, as it cools down and I start wearing my hair down I can imagine that I’ll be reaching for this, and I know that my mum will also love this.

Overall, I do like this, it does what it says on the tin more or less which is what I was hoping for. I’m not sure if I’d repurchase this simply because I do think that fifteen pounds is a little excessive for a shampoo, but I think that this will be nice for occasions and I do think that limp haired people will enjoy this.

The Wella System Professional Volumize Shampoo is available here for £15.00.

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