Lipcote Vanilla Review

I used to love Lipcote finding that it did indeed seem to help my lipstick stay on for longer, then I just stopped repurchasing and forgot about it until a friend bought me the Lipcote Vanilla to try. I finally dug this out and gave it a go and I have to say I had so many questions, would this smell like vanilla? Was it as good as I remembered it? The burning questions too of course…Does this make my lipstick last longer? Here’s my answers:
Like the original Lipcote this one comes in the same glass bottle with a gold lid and brush with the logo down the side. For those of you who don’t know what Lipcote is, it claims to be a lipstick sealer, you brush it over your lips which is supposed to lock your lipstick into place and increase the longevity. The original version retails for £3.69.

Starting with the scent this has a very slight hint of vanilla but in all honesty it mainly has that alcohol smell that makes it smell like vodka or something similar which I’m not a massive fan of. I also don’t particularly like the brush, I find that this product tingles (and in some cases makes peoples lips sore) but for me the brush tickles my lips and makes them itchy which isn’t ideal.
In all honesty I didn’t really notice this making my lipstick lasting much longer. It seemed to work a little bit but it did make my lips feel very sticky and it doesn’t taste very nice if you accidentally lick your lips. If you do use this daily it also dries the lips out and can make them feel sore.

Overall, this does seem to work a little bit but in all honesty I hate the feeling of it on my lips and I’d rather just reapply my lipstick, it’s a nice idea but it doesn’t smell or taste nice and the vanilla scented version doesn’t seem to be too different from the original. I can’t find the vanilla version online so it may have been limited edition but you can still get the original version if you wish to.

The Lipcote Lipstick Sealer is available here for £3.69.

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One Response to Lipcote Vanilla Review

  1. HayleyTaylor says:

    I love anything Vanilla! Will need to give this a try x

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