Oriflame The One 5-in-1 WonderLash Mascara Review

I’ve had an average experience with Oriflame products but mascara is something that I think can be tricky to get right. I tend to favour plastic brushes over fiber brushes simply because I have fine wispy lashes that I like to me long and separated and it can be difficult to find a mascara that does that for me. I didn’t expect much from this mascara especially as it contains “care” ingredients, the last time I had a mascara that did this (I’m looking at you Rimmel London Wake Me Up Mascara) it sucked so I had no idea what to expect with this offering from Oriflame.
Disclaimer: I didn’t pay for this I was given it by a PR company when I did some volunteer work there. As always opinions are my own.
Starting with the packaging I do quite like the purple and the gold but I’m uncertain how well this would stand out on shelves simply due to so many brightly coloured products. The name is something that I find a bit excessive Wonderlash or The One mascara would have worked fine Oriflame! This retails for £9.00 which is leaning towards the slightly pricier side of high street.
Starting with the brush it kind of reminds me of the brush on the Benefit Rollerlash Mascara. It’s plastic and slightly curved which short plastic bristles that hook into the root of your lashes and then coat your lashes evenly with mascara. The brush is amazing in my opinion, it really works to coat each and every lash and it seperates incredibly well. What I also love is how it really adds a curl and makes my lashes look long and fluttery.

The formula is something that I didn’t really expect, Oriflame describe this as having “caring ingredients to nourish lashes”, the last time I had a mascara which contained argan oil the formula was incredibly wet and slippy and clumped up my lashes and transferred everywhere. Now this does transfer the slightest bit but I have hooded eyes so literally every mascara transfers on me anyway I simply wipe it away. This doesn’t transfer nearly as much as other mascaras which I have tried which is impressive.

The formula is the perfect mixture between wet and dry it’s not excessively slippy or clumpy btu it’s not dry anyway, it feels ever so slightly drier than some of the wetter mascaras that I’ve tried but I’d say it’s comfortable middle ground. The mascara does last most of the day on me and it’s easy to remove and doesn’t smudge everywhere which is great.
Just look at those lashes, this mascara does everything that I want length, volume, curl and separation it’s just incredible. I would say that this is one of the best mascaras I’ve tried and is right up there with my two favourites L’oreal Telescopic and Benefit They’re Real but is the cheapest of the three.

Overall, I was very impressed with this, I’d definitely recommend it and I would repurchase this. Sadly this isn’t available in high street stores but you can purchase it from Oriflame online.

The Oriflame The One WonderLash Mascara is available here for £9.00.

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