Wella Shockwaves Power Hairspray Review

As someone with very fine hair that gets frizzy I’m always on the lookout for a decent hairspray and by decent I mean a hairspray that can hold down by hair without making it excessively sticky or greasy (I don’t ask for much do I?) After using up my Fudge Urban Hairspray I decided to try something else, I’ve previously tried a Wella Silvikrin Hairspray that I wasn’t a massive fan of but I had high hopes for this.
wella shockwaves hairspray
The Wella Shockwaves Power Hold Hairspray claims to be ultra strong and comes in this 100ml can that only costs £2.79 from Superdrug. I quite like the funky red and blue packaging which adds a bit of an edge to the design.

The product claims of this hairspray are as follows:
Want A Finishing Spray With Long-Lasting Ultra Strong Hold? Fix your style then keep it here. The ultimate power to fix your style. Long-lasting hold.

In terms of the formula this is probably the best hairspray I’ve tried for hold and formula. Starting with stickiness, unlike a lot of hairsprays that I’ve tried this doesn’t make my hair sticky which I really really like. As with all hairsprays there is a bit of crispiness with this but it’s nowhere near as bad as most hairsprays, it also manages to hold my hair in place all day long and you can brush it out.

Overall, I’m very impressed with this, I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to find a hairspray that really worked for me but after using this for a week I’ve definitely noticed a difference in the overall appearance of my hair and I would recommend and repurchase.

The Wella Shockwaves Power Spray is available here for £2.79.

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