MAC Lipstick in Rebel Review

I have a rather small collection of MAC Lipsticks, it all started with Pure Zen, then I purchased Rebel and then over the weekend I acquired Brave as well. I have to say I do try a lot of products and although I do like MAC Lipsticks they’re not my favourites as I can sometimes find them a bit drying. Today I thought I’d focus on Rebel. A cult favourite, this was one of the first lipsticks I ever tried (given to me by my mum long ago) and after purchasing it myself I’ve been using it over this past week. Here’s my thoughts.
mac lipstick
Mac describes Rebel as a midtonal cream plum lipstick. Like the rest of the lipsticks from the MAC Lipstick line (excluding Viva La Glams, Limited Editions and Mineralise Finishes)  Rebel comes in this sleek black and silver bullet which has become iconic. Mac lipsticks are currently priced at £15.50 per lipstick and I would class them as high end lipsticks.
I really like plum toned lipsticks but I do find it hard to find a decent plum lipstick, many plum lipsticks bleed and feather if they’re too creamy or they can be too drying and end up looking patchy but I think Rebel is the perfect in between.

As you can see from above, the shade is indeed a mid-toned plum/dark pink shade, it’s really flattering on many different skintones and the colour payoff is very intense. The swatch above was literally one swipe of the lipstick and you can see that the colour is very bold with an even finish.

What I really like about Rebel is that it is a satin finish, I do find that a lot of dark shades are mattes which isn’t the best finish for someone like myself who is prone to dry lips, this has the perfect amount of drag so that it lasts a very long time but without drying the lipst out. The satin finish means that this glides on and wears comfortably also.
on me
This has a a smooth and even finish and I have to say I wore it for several hours whilst eating, drinking and sitting in a warm office at work and this managed to stay on for a good few hours. I only needed to top up once during the day to get this to stay on from 7am until 6pm which I think is a bloody good wear time!

Overall, I really like this, I didn’t think I’d fall into the MAC hype but I have to admit I can see why this lipstick is so popular. If you’re looking for the perfect plum lipstick for autumn and winter then I’d definitely recommend it and I would repurchase this.

The MAC Rebel Lipstick is available here for £15.50.

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3 Responses to MAC Lipstick in Rebel Review

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I really love this review. I really want Rebel now though!! xx

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