Blogging Better – My top tips for bloggers

So you want to be a blogger? Cool! I have to say blogging is something that I wanted to do for years but could never think of what to write until I discovered a passion for beauty. Now I’ve been a blogger for over two years and I have to say it’s one of my biggest hobbies. If you’re anything like me, you want to grow your audience, improve your content and gain more reach right? Here’s my tips on how to blog better.
1) Find your “Unique Selling Point.”
Chances are, if you want to be a blogger you’ll find that they’re other blogs out there similar to yours. As a beauty blogger, I know that the blogging market is saturated with other beauty bloggers – for me blogging is a hobby so this isn’t a big deal but if you want to get more followers ask yourself this question “What makes me and my blog different?” It could be that you have a passion for photography, are a whiz at creating graphics or you have an engaging voice that makes people want to read more. Think about the kinds of people you want to attract and what would make you want to read your blog.

2) Be consistent
Not everyone can be chained to their computers and that’s fine but try to be consistent with how often you post and the type of content that you post. Starting with how often you post, I post daily so I write my posts up in advance and schedule them, my readers can always expect a post at 5pm. I have come across blogs that post sporadically maybe once every few months and eventually I switch off, if I’m in love with a blog I want regular content. Posting once every three months isn’t going to cut it. I also feel the same about people who write topical blogs if you’re blog is a mix of lifestyle and other topics then I don’t mind so much because that’s to be expected but if you’re strictly a beauty blog suddenly writing about pets and dog food because you’ve received a press sample, don’t expect me to be impressed.

3) Treat your followers with respect and read other blogs.
This may sound a bit obvious but if you really want to be popular it’s important to treat your followers with respect and to me, that means replying to their comments. Nobody likes a stuck-up person and if you think you’re better than your followers you won’t get very many! Take the time to reply to their comments and be grateful that they took the time to leave you a comment in the first place. Also read other blogs that interest you and comment on theirs? Don’t just spam a URL when I comment on other people’s posts I never ask them to read my blog I simply type out a comment on how much I enjoyed their post.

4) Engage on social media
If you want to get more followers then being active on social media is a big bonus. A lot of the blogs that I follow I found through Twitter and I also love nosying through Instagram for new people to follow. There’s plenty of hashtags and blogger chats to take part in on twitter #bbloggers (beauty bloggers) fbloggers (fashionbloggers) and lbloggers (lifestylebloggers) are a few that I know of. Find like minded people and make new friends!

5) Quality over quantity
This may sound strange coming from someone who posts daily but the quality of writing is much more important than how many posts you upload. I’ve seen some blogs that upload up to seven posts a day and not only does it get tiring, (I do not have time to read that many posts in a day from one blog) but plenty of the posts end up sloppily written with basic mistakes in. It’s all well and good wanting to get your thoughts out there but quantity doesn’t produce more followers but having engaging and interesting posts does.

That concludes this post, I hope that you found these tips useful and if you did please hit the like button, feel free to leave any of your tips in the comments and if you’re not following please feel free to do so.

Thanks for reading!


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One Response to Blogging Better – My top tips for bloggers

  1. rachelhailesx says:

    I loved this post, it was really insightful and very helpful! xx

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