Lush Foot Soak and Fancy Free Review

I have to say I’m not one to use many foot products, I don’t know why I guess it’s cause I’m quite lazy but I’m just the kind of get a shower, pumice any hard skin, slap on some body butter and done. My boyfriend was suffering from dry skin and sore free so I decided to give this ago, mainly because it looked like a giant Snack-A-Jack. Here’s my thoughts.
lush foot soak and fancy free
The product comes in the usual Lush recyclable packaging, I do usually like this packaging but I have to say it’s not great for this product mainly because the product crumbles very easily and ends up going everywhere. The Lush Foot Soak and Fancy Free retails for £3.95.

Essentially this is a product that you can create to exfoliate your feet, you simply fill up a plastic tub (or equivalent but make sure it’s big enough for your feet) full of warm water then you crumble a little bit of this in and then soak your feet. This crumbles apart into bits which then work to soften the feet making it easier to pumice them afterwards.
foot soak
(The remained of my Foot Soak and Fancy Free it’s like a giant oat cookie)

Lush describe this product as the following:
Feeling dead on your feet? Freshen up with this epsom salt and tagetes foot soak – it’s perfect for taking down swelling and softening hard skin. Fill up a little footbath (or appropriate receptacle) and give your feet some well-deserved pampering in waters filled with French lavender and chamomile, finished with a generous dose of carageenan extract. Silky soft and soothed toes will soon be yours, put your feet up (or down into the water) and relax until the doorbell rings and you’re called to step forth once more. Give this little guy a try – you won’t regret it.

On the website this shows someone using a good half of this but I’ve found that you can probably get around three uses out of this and possibly even more if you use it a little more sparingly. It has a soft clean sort of smell, it’s very difficult to describe but it’s quite light and barely there.

This doesn’t exfoliate the feet as such but it does definitely soften them, it’s also very relaxing, after a long day in heels this is really nice to use! My boyfriend also likes this and finds it to be quite relaxing – note we use this inside one of those large plastic tubs you put in your sink for the dishes, £3.00 roughly from Wilko and it’s the perfect size.

Overall, this is a nice product and it does what it says on the tin but I’d prefer something that would do the exfoliating for me as I do feel that I can get a similar effect by being in a bubble bath. We’re looking to try the Rub Rub Rub solid scrub next to see if that fares any better, so let me know if you’ve tried that.

The Lush Foot Soak and Fancy Free is available here for £3.95.

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