Seventeen Smoulder Gel Eyeliner Review

I’m quite partial to gel liners and Seventeen is a brand that I’ve grown relatively fond of, I like their nail polishes, their lipsticks are nice and they have a couple of great base products too so I was more than happy when I was given the Seventeen Smoulder Gel Eyeliner from a friend. Let’s take a look at it.
This seems to have been discontinued now but originally it consists of this little pot with the screw on lid and then a little brush applicator. Personally I quite like the pot packaging it’s simple yet it works and it’s easy to store as well. I have no idea how much this was but most of Seventeen’s eyeliners are around the £4.00 mark.
Unfortunately this isn’t a product I like I opened this to find it in this state it’s so dry that it has cracked and even my trick of adding a drop of oil didn’t seem to save it, where my fingerprint is is the softest I managed to make it get.

I also found the applicator to be useless, for gel liner I like a fine brush that’s as thin as possible and my go to is the Real Techniques Silicone Liner Brush, having said that the brush that comes with the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner is also semi-decent but this was too thick and not at all the right shape there’s no way I could have lined my eyes with it especially as it splayed easily.
 did attempt to photograph a swatch but it came out blurry as you can see. I found this eyeliner to be lacking in pigment it was a watery black almost grey shade rather than the rich, deep black that I was hoping for.

Overall, this isn’t a great product and I think I’ll end up having to throw this as it’s just not usable. I wouldn’t recommend this or purchase this for myself. Thankfully though I can confirm that not ALL of Seventeen’s eyeliners are like this, the High Drama Liquid one has actually got me back into liquid liner again…

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