Gabrini Cosmetics 3D Multivitamin Nail Polish in 13 Review

Gabrini Cosmetics is a brand that I hadn’t heard of until Rachel brought me back a nail polish from Greece last year. I’ve been waiting with anticipation to try this polish and although it’s not a colour that I would have picked out for myself I really like it, here’s my thoughts.
The Gabrini Nail Polish in 13 comes in this square glass bottle which has this unusual shape. It has a flat brush as the name would suggest and shade 13 is this dusky rose shade that is actually very pretty and reminds me of spring flowers and rose gardens.

The brush is very good, I don’t typically like flat brushes but this one works well, especially as it’s not overly wide so it’s easy to coat the nails but if you’ve missed a corner you can use precision without getting nail polish everywhere.
nail colour
As you can see this colour is a red toned pink which is extremely beautiful, the high shine finish looks very polished and glossy and is presumably where the 3D aspect comes into the branding of this nail polish. This formula is rich in pigment and require only one to two coats for maximum opacity.
on me
I didn’t seem to notice anything significant about the longevity of this polish it didn’t chip quickly but didn’t last for particularly long either. I didn’t think this shade would suit me and this does look a little different on the nails than it does in the bottle but I actually really like this on both my fingers and toes.

Overall this polish surprised me I didn’t think I’d like it but I really do, the rose shade is universally flattering and makes me feel girly yet sophisticated, I’m really happy with it. I’m not sure if we can get Gabrini in the UK but I would pick up more shades from this brand if they did come to the UK.

More information about Gabrini Cosmetics can be found here.

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