Creightons Cherry and Wild Fig Shower Gel Review

I have to admit that Creightons is not a brand that I’d ever heard of until I was at a graduate job fair at my University and I was given a goodie bag from Potter and Moore. I’ve reviewed a couple of Creightons hair products and mentioned how I wasn’t really blown away so I didn’t think that I’d get along with this shower gel especially as I’m not a fan of figgy scents but I have to admit I was wrong…
The packaging of this is actually quite nice, I really like the colour scheme and fonts used it’s simple yet effective. Although you can’t see the shower gel because I’ve used this up it’s a really pretty lilac white colour which I just love. Although I got this free this is super budget friendly at only £2.49 for 500ml from the official website.

The product description of this is as follows:
Pure luxury in a bottle with extracts of Cherry & Wild Fig! Indulge your senses and create the ultimate bathing experience with the pampering aroma. This supremely rich and indulgent Bath & Shower Cream will cleanse and nourish your skin, wrapping you in deliciousness. Love your skin and give it a real treat!

It’s hard to describe this scent but it is a sweet scent (but not sickly), I can’t really smell cherry or fig but it kind of reminds me of icing, my boyfriend tells me that this has a ‘cakey’ smell and I think the closest I can describe this is to imagine Cherry Bakewell Tarts and this is quite close.

It’s actually a very comforting scent and kind of reminds me of Vera Wang’s Princess, whenever I use this I feel very relaxed and really clean and pampered which is lovely. This also lathers up well and feels relatively moisturising on the skin compared to other shower gels that I’ve used.

Overall, I’m blown away by this, I didn’t expect to like this and yet I absolutely love it, I’d even wear it in perfume scent! If you’re yet to try this then I’d definitely recommend it, it’s budget friendly, it smells great and it makes you feel lovely what more could you ask for? I’d definitely repurchase this as well.

The Creightons Cherry and Wild Fig Sensual Shower and Bath Cream is available here for £2.49.

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