Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Stick in Vintage Blush Review

I love eyeshadow sticks. There’s something that’s really satisfying about just swiping colour over the eyelid and being ready to go. Don’t get me wrong I love all forms of eyeshadow but sometimes I really can’t be bothered with blending and shading. I read good reviews about the Collection Eyeshadow Sticks so when I was in my local Boots I picked up the shade Vintage Blush to try. Here’s my thoughts.
work the colour eyeshadow
The Collection Eyeshadow Sticks are (like the name would suggest) crayons that offer a quick and easy wash of colour over the lid. The shade Vintage Blush is this beautiful pink toned shimmery eyeshadow that is essentially a dupe for Urban Decay’s Sin. This eyeshadow stick is priced at £3.19 which is really budget friendly for an eyeshadow stick.
The shade itself is this beautiful metallic pink shade, it is easy to apply and goes on like a cream eyeshadow. These do have a drier formula than most eyeshadow sticks and cream eyeshadows which aids with longevity. This shade is what really drew me in, it’s a natural shade that really helps to enhance the eyes, this shade works particularly well to make my green eyes stand out more.

Unfortunately although I love the colour the formula is lacking. As mentioned above the formula is quite dry which does lend itself well to longevity but not so much for the finish. Sadly this makes my eyelids get this kind of dry crepe effect. Normally my eyelids are normal they’re not particularly dry and not particularly oily, at the age of twenty one they’re also not heavily lined with wrinkles however, this has a way of settling into fine lines and creases and makes the eyelids look dry and scaly.
on me
As you can see from the photo above although the colour is pretty my eyelids have what looks like a bumpy texture almost as if I’d swiped this over a bumpy surface when in actuality my eyelids are relatively smooth. Unfortunately this formula lacks that creaminess that helps it to glide over the lids and as a result, has a less than satisfactory finish.

Overall, I’m really disappointed with this, it’s a beautiful shade and I really wanted this to work for me but sadly it just doesn’t, I think this may work if you’re eyelids are on the oily side but sadly for me it’s a no go. I wouldn’t recommend or repurchase this.

The Collection Work The Colour Eyeshadow Stick in Vintage Blush is available here for £3.19.

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