Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation Review

Finding a new foundation is something that I find really difficult, for a start I’m pale and sallow skinned making it rather difficult to be matched to a shade, secondly the finish, I like something that’s kind of natural looking glowy but not too glowy something with longevity and something that’s suitable for sensitive and combination skin…I don’t ask for much do I?! In light of this you can imagine that I’m always trying new foundations in a bid to find my holy grails, I had a sample of this from a magazine so decided to give it shot…
Obviously this is a sample sachet but you can see the image of the packaging on the front and to be honest I’m not a fan. I’m not quite sure why but in my mind it just looks cheap and bland but packaging isn’t the be all and end all. The price of this foundation is £12.99 which isn’t the cheapest foundation on the high street.

The shade range could do with improvements I find that with a lot of the Max Factor foundations they don’t always cater to the pale girls with the palest shades still being a little too dark. This is the shade Natural which is a little too dark for me and slightly orange toned.

The formula itself isn’t one I particularly like. It feels quite heavy on the skin and when I touch my face it’s ever so slightly sticky, it kind of feels like I’m wearing a mask or at the very least I can feel this on my skin when I prefer something a little more lightweight. The formula is relatively glowy but almost a little too much on my I find that it looks very shiny almost sweaty which isn’t great but due to the heavy texture of it I don’t want to further weigh my face down with powder – as you can imagine this isn’t ideal.

My skin is combination and although this has relatively decent coverage I do feel that it doesn’t cover my blemishes as much as I’d like and that it doesn’t seem to like the drier areas of my face.
on me
This seems to have gained a lot of positive reviews online but I have to say, I’m not a fan. For me this is everything that I don’t like in a foundation which is a shame to say the least! I personally wouldn’t recommend this and I wouldn’t purchase this for myself either.

The Max Factor Miracle Match Foundation is available here for £12.99.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button? Have you tried this foundation? What are you favourite and least favourite foundations?

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