Makeup Revolution Salvation Give Me Nightmares Palette Review

I fell in love with the look of this palette when Makeup Revolution started to get pretty popular. I love all of the smokey shades and sultry colours so when Rachel bought it (and they wer eout of stock when I tried) I just had to give it a try…
makeup revolution palette
The palette comes in a sleek plastic packaging with rose gold writing, the palettes tend to have this similar sort of packaging that kind of reminds me of a cheaper version of Sleek’s palettes they also come in a cardboard box with some artwork to match the palette. This palette is super budget friendly at only £6.00 for eighteen eyeshadows.
palette shadows
The palette combines matte and shimmery shadows although in my opinion some of the mattes are a little chalky. Most of eyeshadows have a very rich pigment and can be layered up to increase the intensity, I tend to wear these over primer and build them up as much as possible. Fallout can be an issues with these but as someone who does their eye makeup first this isn’t a major issue for me.
swatch 1
(From left to right)
Row One:
Who’s There: A metallic copper toned purple.
Danger Coming: A matte blue with silver microglitter
Lethal: A mint green shimmer
Pretty Zombie: A shimmery purple with a blue shift.
Bump In The Night: A deep blackened blue with slight microglitter.
Poisonous: A smokey grey with microglitter.
swatch 2
(From left to right)
Row Two:
Lawless: An eggplant purple with a slight shimmer
The Hunger: A shimmery pale khaki green.
I Am Watching You: A rich deep violet shimmer
Beyond The Night: A black with silver microglitter
Wicked: A smokey turquoise with a shimmer finish.
Friday 13th: A deep blackened blue with shimmer.
swatch 3
(From left to right)
Row Three:
White Noise: A matte white
Elm St: A matte military green
Ash: A bold matte blue
Boo: A matte mid toned grey.
Depravity: A matte bright lilac
Darkness: A matte black.

I was quite impressed with the pigment and longevity of these eyeshadows although I do think that eye primer is a must with this palette. Some of the shades do feel a little repetitive for example there’s a lot of blacks and greys that aren’t that dissimilar from each other so I think some deep smokey browns and reds might have gone nicely but this is a very cool toned palette. The matte shades are in danger of being a little chalky and fallout does occur but despite this I actually really like this palette. The shimmer eyeshadows are mainly my favourites but I do love Ash that bold matte blue which looks incredible on the lids. I think my favourite shades are Pretty Zombie, Wicked and Ash.
on me
(Ash across the lid, Bump In The Night in the crease.)

Overall, this isn’t a bad palette at all and I think for the price point it’s pretty bargainous. If you love smokey eye makeup I do think that you will get on with this and I would recommend it. I’m not sure if I’d purchase this for myself, there’s some nice shades but I do have a lot of eyeshadows so I’m not sure how much I’d use it.

The Makeup Revolution Salvation Give Them Nightmares Palette is available here for £6.00.

I hope that you enjoyed this post and if you did please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if you have or like this palette. Which shade is your favourite?

Thanks for reading.


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