Kiko Cosmetics Next Generation Crystal Eyeliner in 04 Advanced Grass Review

It’s no secret that I’m partial to a bold eyeliner…or several. Jokes aside though I love eyeliners in all different colours and when Kiko Cosmetics released their Next Generation Crystal Eyeliners last spring I couldn’t help but fall for the beautiful green shade. Sadly this was a limited edition product but I’m sure that some of these will be floating around Ebay and Amazon and maybe a few blog sales too.
I absolutely adore the packaging of both the eyeliner and the sleek box it comes in, first of all the colour scheme is comprised of all of my favourite colours plus the swirls remind me of a layered gemstone called Agate which is super pretty. I think this eyeliner was around £8.00 so it’s not the cheapest but not the most expensive either I’d describe Kiko Cosmetics products as mid range depending on the product. This is a retractable eyeliner which is great for preventing product wastage but at the same time it does blunt and there’s not really a way to get a sharp point so this probably isn’t the best for precision.
The shade 03 Advanced Grass is this beautiful rich, vibrant peacock green shade which is absolutely stunning, I like to pair this with either Urban Decay’s Hatter Eyeshadow or Urban Decay’s Dragon Eyeshadow (from the Alice Through The Looking Glass and Vice 3 Palettes), the formula is very rich and is easily buildable but this eyeliner is slightly harder than the average kohl.

Although this looks amazing on the lash line this isn’t the sort of eyeliner that works very well on the waterline, but to be honest I prefer to wear this on the upper lash line anyway.
The longevity of this is very good and it wears well for a good few hours.
on me
Overall I do like this, I do wish that it would work on the waterline as well but it’s lovely for the lash line and the colour is very pretty. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to be online at the moment but wholesale websites may still stock this so it is worth a look.

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