Skincare Products I wouldn’t Repurchase #2

With every good product tried there is always going to be those that just don’t work for you and with the amount of products I try on a regular basis it comes with the territory of being a beauty blogger. I always like reading and watching these types of posts and videos because in my opinion a bad review is just as helpful as a good review. Some of these products just didn’t work for me, others were okay but I’ve found better so probably wouldn’t repurchase. Without further ado here are the products that didn’t really float my boat.
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1) Aromaesti Elixir Argan and Olive Face Cream
All the way from Greece this was a sample that Rachel got me when she picked me up the Aromaesti Grapefruit Body Scrub. In terms of a face cream this didn’t really seem to do much but the smell really took me by surprise. I was expecting something olivey or earthy scented and this smelled incredibly strongly of marmalade which really turned my stomach. I like eating marmalade but I have to say it’s not something I want on my face.

2) Benefit Total Moisture Face Cream
You would have thought that considering the high price point of Benefit products that their Total Moisture Face Cream would be a wonder product but in reality this was very sticky and it felt runny and artificial on the face rather than hydrating. I was left underwhelmed by this plus I didn’t really appreciate the whole sticky face. I genuinely prefer Nivea Soft.

3) Boots Botanics Ultra Calm Cleansing Cream
This is a budget product to be fair so I didn’t have massively high expectations of this but again I just found it a bit meh. It seems to remove my makeup okay but it struggles with eye makeup and I find that it doesn’t really seem to nourish my skin or makeup it feel particularly clean. It doesn’t seem to irritate but it’s not really an amazing product either. In all honesty I find this a little boring, so I wouldn’t repurchase.

4) Lancome Gel Eclat Cleanser Pearly Foam
I love Lancome serums so I was pretty disappointed with this product. First of all the consistency a thick cream that reminded me of hardened Vaseline and was an off yellow tone – gross. Secondly this was heavily perfumed and it really irritated my skin, this left my skin red, blotchy and painful so I wouldn’t recommend this for sensitive skin, thankfully I had a sample size.

5) Montagne Jeunesse Face Food Orange Oil Mask
I’ve spoken previously about my dislike for Montagne Jeunesse face masks as they are a nightmare for sensitive skin but initially I didn’t realise that Face Food was a sub brand owned by the same company until I spotted the tiny logo hidden at the bottom and back of the packet. This again smelled really gross artificially sweet like Calpol (bleugh) plus it didn’t do anything good for my face.

6) Nivea Creme
This isn’t necessarily a terrible product but it takes a while to sink in and it does leave your face sticky for a while. I decided to try this instead of repurchasing Nivea Soft but in all honesty I much prefer Nivea Soft, the squeezy tube is much more convenient plus it smells nicer, hydrates my face more, sinks in quicker and doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky.

7) No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Eye Cream
This eye cream wasn’t awful but I just found that it didn’t seem to do much other than add a bit of moisture to my eyes and it’s fairly expensive (near the £15 mark) I also found that this actually made my dark circles more obvious, I’ve still to find an eye cream that beats the Superdrug Vitamin E Radiance Eye Cream for quality and price.

8) Origins GinZing Eye Cream
This was a pricey little pot at £23.00 and to be honest I don’t really get the hype for Origins first of all this eye cream contains Mineral Oil, Alcohol and Animal Ingredients which let’s be honest are not the best ingredients for skin. (I’m personally not a cruelty free blogger but I’ve mentioned the Animal Ingredients for those of you who may be Vegan). Secondly the jar is unhygienic, eye creams tend to last six months maximum so you’re paying a lot for something that won’t last for very long, plus this was okay yes it was cooling and yes it reduces my dark circles but other eye creams have done the same. Basically it’s a lot of money for a product that just isn’t that special.

9) Soap and Glory You Won’t Believe Your Eyes Moisture Serum
I’d never really tried any skincare products by Soap and Glory and I loved the somewhat gimmicky packaging of this but the serum really irritated my eyes. I do have sensitive skin but the eyes are an especially sensitive area and I didn’t really appreciate the redness and soreness that came from using this product.

10) Spa To You Natural Konjac Sponge
These things can add up quickly at around £8.00 per sponge. I got this free in a beauty box and at first I quite liked it but it’s difficult to clean, the product coating also doesn’t really last plus after only a few uses this turned rock hard and was unusable. In my opinion this is too expensive for something that you can only use a few times and I prefer something that lasts longer.

So that concludes this post if you enjoyed it please hit the like button and let me know in the comments if there’s any skincare products that you wouldn’t repurchase.

Thanks for reading.


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